Updated: 04/13/2011 15:16
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You know, we at believe that information is a very important part of the field of highyield investments. It is very important that HYIP...

You know, we at believe that information is a very important part of the field of high-yield investments. It is very important that HYIP admins inform their investors about everything that happens with their projects. Some admins are more active than the others but some do not post any updates at all, which is not good at all. Sometimes those updates are about the figures, problems or successes, but it is actually good to hear at least something because it demonstrates that the project is alive.

For example, in his latest update posted yesterday, the admin of simply informed about the number of registered investors in his project: “After launching our website just over a month ago we are pleased to announce we have reached a community with over 500 registered users all participating in our online investment programs.” The admin also says that with new members joining daily his team is constantly seeking for ways to expand the program and continue growing in the ever changing and demanding markets. He thanks all investors of BrilineLimited for the continued support.

By the way, if you are thinking about making a deposit in, keep in mind that it has two investment plans to offer. The first one is called “Cullinan” and brings 1.5% daily for 45 calendar days ($10-$499). Principal is returned on expiry. The second plan is called “Excelsior” and offers 2% daily for 120 calendar days ($500-$25,000). In this plan you can use a compounding feature and you will also get a 5% signup bonus. Principal is returned on expiry. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, AlertPay and Bank Wire.

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