Updated: 06/10/2011 17:59
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We have already wrote that there is a special sphere of high yield investing. The style and tactics of this investment determines only one parameter: the period of deposit returning. Your deposit in programs, of which we are talking about, returned no later than 15 days or 2 weeks. Accordingly, you get profit during the same period.

Team of HYIPNews was always treated specific about investing in such programs. The thing that constitutes as a "success", in such projects is much higher than in the longer term projects. Investing in them is like a roulette. 

However, they also allow you not to bother about a view to a careful choice :) At least care too much. You can recoup quickly. And you'll figure out it at once wether you will lose or win. When there are not enough programs, investors get bored and short-term projects are the most amusing ones in HYIP industry.

That is why we have decided to join this game. Now we already have 4 projects in our catalogue, returning your project faster than after 2 weeks. It is legendary LucrativaFund and more latest: Casino-Gain, InpladoFinance, Luxinv. Evoincome the profit calculation is per hour=) 4.3% in one day = that is 3.2% per day. We also have more generous programs. So these 3.2% per hour seems realistic. But wouldn't admin get tired if to pay so often? Of course, this is machine, but it can be shaken even by one-day break in deposits. Why the administrator needs investors to take all the money out? However, they are working 2 days already. And if they had any problems - I wouldn't mention them now. And so, no problem.

More traditional are Casino-Gain and InpladoFinance First program propose the most shortest period for 5 days, the second - 1 day. At the same time, in InpladoFinance the percent of payouts is 15=) Yes, 15% of pure income per day. From such a gaming machine my knees are shaking, but if to take a look at their statistic, you'll see that they are working for 7 days. It is possible that they are set sights on the horizon in one month? For this project it is quite possible. For another 15 days at least.

Casino-Gain on the background, looks like a more traditional project. The site they have is also have standard-stylish. Mighty. All well-fitted and well decorated. I would give them a chance to return the deposit at 65% Anyway, this project will fit to fans of a more conservative strategy for investing in short-term projects. Of course if you do not need the money for tomorrow =)

I also would like to present two more projects which we, unfortunately could not verify. This is and The minimal term in plans of a second project is 1 day. Percentage of recovery: 105-110% Appearance is persuasive. But, of course, is not so original as in Both are currently paying.


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