Updated: 03/22/2012 20:25
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The top project of our listing, ExpertPortfolio , has published the regular weekly newsletter. The newsletter is in PDF format and can be downloaded...

The top project of our listing, ExpertPortfolio, has published the regular weekly newsletter. The newsletter is in PDF format and can be downloaded for free following this link ( Seems we are getting used to getting a high quality, professionally looking product, delivered to us every Thursday by the PR Manager of ExpertPortfolio, Mr. David Kohl.

Once downloaded, taking a first sight, one can recognize the style. It's a good way to make business in publishing sphere, when your style is recognizable. The same types, the same background, the same pictures, everything is well organized. To be short, the PDF is well presented.

Speaking about the content, in today's newsletter, as usually you are getting to know of the latest news from ExpertPortfolio. The main news is presenting the new promotional video product on the official Youtube channel of the project. The video is rather short and actually it's not that special at all. However, on the other hand, the style is good enough, all main points are revealed and it really can be used by the partners of the project for the promotional means. Second week in a row, Mr. David Kohl gives the outline of the latest news from the investment markets, ExpertPortfolio is involved in. This time it draws investors attention to emerging markets and their investment potential for the nearest future.

The final part of the newsletter is telling about the cooperation with our resource, in terms of publishing articles, regarding various investment markets and their potential on the pages of The first article in terms of this cooperation, has already been published yesterday.

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