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The administration of Opulentia (opulentia.ch) presents another educational article and this time it is about exchangers which you can use to exchange...

The administration of Opulentia (opulentia.ch) presents another educational article and this time it is about exchangers which you can use to exchange your e-money. They start by saying that they often receive questions from inexperienced investors regarding the preferable exchanging service to use. And the administration answers:

“That puts us in a bad spot, as we cant guarantee anything for any exchanger as they are independent of us and we have absolutely no control over them. What we can say is which ones seem to work the best from the experiences we had:
1. ECardOne - From where we are standing they seem to be the best for funding and withdrawing using wire transfers.
2. AlertExchanger - Definitely the best as far as exchanging AlertPay goes.”

They also advise you not use the services of the first online company you see (either e-currency, exchangers or investment programs). First of all, you should search for testimonials and discussions of other online investors and see what experience they have. By the way, you can exchange your available balance between e-currencies before withdrawing through "Currency Exchange" in your account at Opulentia. At he moment exchanges between all e-currencies both ways are not supported, but the team of Opulentia is working on that and it is going to be improved.

Opulentia has been online for over four months now. There haven't been any problems with this project so far and everything seems to be going perfectly well. It offers two types of plans: Daily Plan: 2.15% for 365 days and Weekly Plan: 11% for 55 weeks. The minimum investment is $1 and the maximum is unlimited. There three levels of affiliate program: level 1 - 5%, level 2 – 3%, level 3 – 2%. You may use the following e-currencies to make a deposit in Opulentia: Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay or SolidTrustPay.

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