Updated: 06/14/2011 11:38
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Evoincome (evoincome.com), a newly launched shortterm project and one of the latest additions to our HYIPlist, announces a special offer which is...

Evoincome (evoincome.com), a newly launched short-term project and one of the latest additions to our HYIP-list, announces a special offer which is valid only today on June 14, 2011. All deposits larger than $100 will get a 3% deposit bonus. For deposits exceeding $500, the deposit bonus is 5%. If you want to get this bonus, you should make a deposit today from 00:00 to 23:59 (UTC) in "Plan C" (which offers 6% daily for 7 days) and "Plan D" (8% daily for 14 days). Principal is returned in both plans. However, remember that all special offers must be treated with caution.

Robert, the admin of InpladoFinance (inpladofinance.com) asks for your attention and reminds that there are only two email addresses used by this project: admin@inpladofinance.com and support@inpladofinance.info. If you receive an email from other address on behalf of InpladoFinance, you should ignore it because they might be sent by scammers that want to mislead you. Be always vigilant. He also stresses that InpladoFinance does not introduce new investment plans. If you have any additional questions, contact the support representative via Live Support or Support Form on the website.

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