Updated: 09/24/2010 23:05
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referral stampToday it became known that IncomeNonStop ( has paid its clients more than $100,000 of referral commissions. Unfortunately, it is not specified anywhere what period was taken into account while calculating these charges. However, this is a great indicator in any case. We have repeatedly told our readers that earnings on referrals can become a significant source of income. We even published a special article about it and it can be read here >>> And here's the payment which one of the investors of IncomeNonStop received three months ago:

You probably know that IncomeNonStop has a referral program where percent of your referral commission depends on a plan chosen by an investor who invested using your referral link. So, referral commission in Standard Plan is 4%, in Silver Plan it is 5%, in Gold Plan it is 6% and in Platinum Plan the referral is 7%. You simply register on the site, get a link and you can earn as much as this online investor, whose payment is shown in the screenshot above by using your personal link.

IncomeNonStop has been monitored by HYIPNews for 436 days, which is also program's lifetime. Throughout this period we have not had any claims to program, except their silence. However, reliable and high quality business does not need to blow the trumpets all over the world. At least, recent news confirms this hypothesis. Time will tell what happens in the future but so far has confidently started occupying the position of one of the leaders of HYIP Industry.

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