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The admins of two programs from our HYIPlist announced the soon addition of new languages with an aim to make their projects available to more...

The admins of two programs from our HYIP-list announced the soon addition of new languages with an aim to make their projects available to more investors. The first program is BeaTrust ( And here is the latest update from the administration of this project: “In accordance with our development strategy and due to your requests, very soon localizations of our site will be accessible in Russian and Spanish. Thank you for choosing us!”.

Russian and Spanish are, indeed, very popular languages and probably more investors will take a closer look at BeaTrust and its investment plans when they will be able to surf the website in their native languages. All plans last for 120 days and your interest rate depends on the amount of your deposit (it can be made in USD or EUR): 2% daily (1-100 USD or EUR); 2.3% daily (100.01-500); 2.6% daily (500.01-5,000); 2.9% daily (5,000.01-50,000) and 3% daily (50,000.01-90,000). Principal is returned.

The second program is EurexTrade ( The administration of this project is also planning to add new languages and make it easier for investors from different countries of the world to navigate their website. Here is the announcement: “Due to numerous calls we plan to add new Eurex Trade localizations soon. At least three more languages will be added next month. Our site will be available for French, Italian, and Russian users. Also we plan to add Portuguese and Chinese during several months.”

As you can see, they plan to add many new languages and if you would like EurexTrade to be translated into your native language which is not mentioned in the list, you are welcome to send your requests to the support team of the project.

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