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Yesterday we spoke with you about highyield investment projects and I gave you some tips on how to choose projects and how to reduce investment risks...

Yesterday we spoke with you about high-yield investment projects and I gave you some tips on how to choose projects and how to reduce investment risks. So, let's say you choice a project and now you need to analyze it in order to understand whether it is really reliable. There are different features and parameters that you should check out to see how qualitative the chosen project is.

First of all it is necessary to check the security features because it is vital for a project to keep your information safe and to guarantee stability of the system. There are such features as hosting, DDoS protection and SSL encryption. DDoS protection is provided by different hosting providers and is required to be able to withstand DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks which are sometimes called “online terrorism”. In the HYIP field they are used to destroy competitors and is commonly used, therefore it is important to survive such attacks. Famous hosting and DDoS providers are Dragonara, Staminus, DDoSWIZ, Black Lotus, BlockDos and others. SSL encryption will keep your data safe and ensure safety of transactions. The popular SSL providers are Comodo, Thawte and others.

You should also pay attention to the quality of design and a script (or engine). If the project has its own unique design, it is a big advantage. If it uses free template design, it indicates the unwillingness of the owners to invest in their project. A script is another important feature. It can be unique, licensed or pirated. If you are a newbie, the easiest way is to ask the admin of the project the script of which script provider he bought (a famous one is GoldCoders and there are others like NeverSay and more) or whether it is project's own script. When you become an experienced investor, you will be able to determine which script is used in most cases.

Whois info is information about the owner of the domain, and it can be checked on different sources such as There you will see the date of registration and the date until which the domain is registered and also an information about a registrant (however, it is in most cases hidden). Domain name is also one of the factors you should pay attention to. A domain with “.com” is the most common top-level domain name (the so-called "zone"). A domain name with “.net” represents the line of activity of the website, which uses it. And “.biz” is usually chosen by the various commercial organizations. It is considered that the domain names .com, .net and .biz are the most respectable and reputable. Therefore, almost all programs register in these zones.

You should also analyze the situation with the chosen program on popular HYI forums such as,, and If you do not find a project on those forums it means that a project is not popular at all, because more or less qualitative programs appear there right away or soon after the launch. If you find a project there and see posts, you should look through them to see whether there are any warnings from other investors or whether this HYIP had some problems. If all posts are positive and most importantly if you see payment proofs provided by regular investors and not only monitors it is a good sign.

In yesterday's article we've already talked a little about HYI monitors. It is important to check payment statuses there and the service will help you see statuses on all monitors where your chosen HYIP is listed. However, do not forget what I said yesterday about unreliable monitors and also be aware that there is such thing as selective payouts in the HYIP industry. This is when admins stop paying investors at some point (or pay small amounts and do not process large payments) but pay monitors so that they would keep positive payment statuses and investors who are just thinking about making a deposit will think that everything is okay. That's why it is important to check forums too.

Activity in social networks is another factor you may pay attention to. It is not a secret that Facebook and Twitter are very popular these days and it is great when admins understand that and use these free tools for promotion and communicating with their clients. I can name only few programs the admins of which actively post updates, news and communicate with investors in such a way. However, I can name hundreds of those who have accounts in social networks and announce in news about pages opened in social networks, however do not post anything there. It is not enough just to create an account.

Support service
of the project is a very important factor which should be checked before investing. If the administration claims to have live support, you should always check whether it's true and how quickly and professionally they help. If there is a phone number, it is also great to try to call because sometimes it never works and no one will help you in case you have problems with your deposit. And of course check out how fast the admin replies to emails and support tickets. Trust me, programs with silent admins should never be chosen. It is YOUR money you entrust them and you become a client who has rights and who deserves to get qualitative support.

I hope you found these tips useful and now you know where to start analyzing the chosen HYIP in which you want to make a deposit. Of course, the great results of such analysis do not mean that this choice is risk-free, but it significantly reduces investment risks. I wish you successful investments!

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