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Today is a good day to keep gathering information in the sphere of high yield investing! HYIPNews is happy to present you new investment project...

Today is a good day to keep gathering information in the sphere of high yield investing! HYIPNews is happy to present you new investment project appeared on our site 3 days ago. That is Felmina (felmina.com). This online investment company offers its services to individual and corporate investors worldwide. Due to the legend on the official website Felmina Alliance Inc. is an investment company based and legally registered in Panama. Felmina trade with deposits of investors in a wide variety of investment tools - both online and offline - to provide the yield way above the market. It’s team consist of professional traders, market analysts, legal advisors, Internet security experts, and customer service representatives. Also it is said that this company worked for 15 years offline and now they have decided to make business online. Anyway, the domain name was registered on 28/07/2010 and it is paid till 28/07/2021.

Now we will take a look at the investment plans of Felmina Alliance. There are three investment plans. Please read the detailed information about each of them:

  • Plan One - 1% daily, min $20.00, for 180 business days

First plan is always good for testing the whole program’s work. yes, the life term of the plan is long enough but you will earn 1% daily, during this long term period.

  • Plan Two - 1.25% daily, min $1,000.00, for 180 business days
  • Plan Three - 1.6% daily, min $5,000.00, for 180 business days

The second and the third investment plan is only for those investors who can afford to invest really big money for the really long term. The third investment plan has the most highest percent of daily payouts but the minimal investment is also the highest.

Please note, that your principals will be returned and there is also compounding option available. Felmina Alliance offers 10% to 100% compounding rates, with the increment of 10%. A 0% compounding rate means that no part of your daily interest is compounded. You may use such standard e-currencies as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and direct bank wire transfers to invest in Felmina Alliance. There is also referral program available even for those who has not made investment. All you have to do is to make a registration and give your referral link to other people. A Referral program is an easy way to earn extra income by attracting other people to the project. Felmina Alliance pays 5% on every e-currency and bank wire deposit made by your referrals.

Contacts are very important in the sphere of high yield investing. You may send to Felmina Alliance a direct e-mail to [email protected], or you call at +1 646 918 5168 (phone support is available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST). There is also detailed information about the address. Felmina Alliance is located in Panama City, Republic of Panama. 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite E, Panama City, zip code 0833, Republic of Panama.

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