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Greetings, dear readers of HYIPNews.com. Today I want to present a program that joined us a week ago. It's called MirexGroup (mirexgroup.com). As we always do in our presentations, I will tell you in a few words about the features of this program, its key parameters and how we evaluate these characteristics and parameters. If you want to take a look at the project yourself, you are welcome to visit their site (http://mirexgroup.com/eng/main/index/), but if you want to know about their main features, I suggest you to read this short and informative text.

It is a stylish, well designed and filled with the correct information website. There are four investment plans, qualitative legend and some original features. There is also a three-tier referral program and a call-back function.

MirexGroup makes profit in the market of oil trading, as well as in trading precious metals (Gold and Platinum). You invest for a period of 140-200 days, and have the option to terminate the contract at an average fee of 25%-40%. That is, it makes sense to terminate a contract not earlier than 50 days after making a deposit. Otherwise, you will definitely get back less than invested.

The minimum investment in MirexGroup is $10, but this only applies to a Classic Fund, in which profit begins with 0.75%. If you have about $100, you can invest in an Oil Fund, where received profit starts at 1.1%. The minimum deposit in a Gold Fund and a Platinum Fund is $1,600 and $8,900 respectively. However, keep in mind that the minimum deposit amount in the Oil, Gold and Platinum Funds varies, since it depends on the price of a barrel of oil, 1 troy ounce of gold and 5 troy ounces of platinum. Accordingly, if purchased amount of gold, platinum or oil will rise or fall in price, it will also affect your profit.

Payments are accepted via LR, PM, OKPAY and bank transfer. If you need to contact the admin of MirexGroup, there is a contact form, an e-mail address and a phone number available. A simple customized or a simple unique script is used and design is qualitative and personalized. The texts are unique. If we consider that it is summer now and that only 1 out of 30 programs has at least a few individual features, the investment community may get interested in MirexGroup. Of course, there are still big players in the market who get a part of available capital, however, there are a lot of average players that feel themselves quite confident. MirexGroup may become one of them.

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