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Openings. Hello, dear readers! Informational survey presented by the HYIPNews.com is online. We are glad to provide you with another portion of fresh and actual news from the world of HYIP investment. The summer is coming to the end and some action is expected to happen as usually when Autumn comes. Let's hope the action will bring you nothing but pleasant emotions. So, shall we start as usually with the Openings of this week.

Flexibleinvest (Flexibleinvest) 1% - 2.4% for 15 - 120 Days!

Mac Earn (macearn.com), WhiteIncome (whiteincome.com), DollarsMine (dollarsmine.com), Excess Profit (excess-profit.com), EPay investment Ltd (epayinvestment.com), Coge Trade (cogetrade.com), EDV Mutual (edvmutual.com), SotPay Inc. (sotpay.com), Shop Profits (shop-profits.com), Project Future FX (projectfuturefx.com), Royal Poker Community (royal-pc.com)

There are practically no worth programs this week. There are lots of short term HYIPs, which are probably not going to last for more than a month. Anyway, good news is that we can concentrate more upon some proven and old programs, which are working one and on. Hopefully, next week we'll face the opening of a new HYIP legend, some longtime program, which is going to make a fortune for all of us, dear readers! Anyway, we are through with the openings, let's proceed to the Problems section.

GBP Real Estate - not paying
Alpha Forex - site offline
Projection Finance Inc - not paying
Right Invest Club - site offline
Compact Fund - site offline
Stable Assets - not paying
Pana Inv - site offline

This week the section for problematic programs is a bit different from previous issues of our informational surveys. And the main difference here is that the absolute majority of problem HYIPs have problems with the site access. One of them even has a notice saying the account is suspended. In previous issues of the informational surveys, most of HYIPs had the "not paying" status, with the site working. And now they simply disable it for accessing for the clients. Who knows, on one hand it's a good thing, cause new investors will not catch a bite investing to a scam program. On the other hand, there may be a chance the troubles with offline site are just temporal: DDOS attack or some hosting troubles. I wish all could happen good enough and in the next issue of the informational survey, we'd be happy to add these problem HYIPs to the Good News section. So far, so bad - nothing but Problem.

Events. EarnGroups (earngroups.com) adding additional payment processor, GlobalDigitalPay after successful verification of EarnGroups (earngroups.com) account by the officials from GDP. And another feature is about to be applied for clients' convenience. They are working on adding the feature that allows watching the stats from referral banner activity. This is useful for referrals, so they will have a possibility to see how much money they earned from referral activity. EarnGroups (earngroups.com) is planning to finish the feature implementation within a week's time.

BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) is in search of big investors. New investment plans with interest from 2% up to 3% have been established. The plans are for deposits starting from $50K. Seems like an obvious willing to get more money. What is the reason for that? God knows, though more often these updates of BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) bring nothing but bad news later on. Hope it's not the case.

ComoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) has announced of ending the free bonus promotion we informed you in one of the previous informational surveys. And nearly immediately they launched new one-week contest for the best form supporter with a prize of 5$ daily. Looks like this HYIP does not waste time at all. Lifetime of ComoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) is a bit more than a week and two active campaigns in process. Stunning results! Let's wait and see the payment results. Hope they are as good as the advertising ones.

We have already informed of the new plan by Optimus Funds (optimusfunds.org) in the previous informational survey. Now they announce another update, not less suspicious than the previous one. They increase interest rates in 60 and 200 days programs. From bad to worse, Optimus Funds (optimusfunds.org) also lowered the minimum deposit amount to $10. Not a good sign for a HYIP program at all. One more time, let's stay away from them for a while.

Good News. This week we have some good news for investors of Count After (countafter.com). Investors of this HYIP may calm down, cause this HYIP seems to recover from problems and is now back to paying profit to its investors. Congratulations to all investors of this HYIP.

Emoney. Liberty Reserve has announced of the technical scheduled maintenance on 03 August, between 08:00 (am) and 11:00 (am) (UTC). The maintenance was completed in a proper way and the site got back to normal work.

Closures. HipoFunds (32 days), Green Inv Fund (31 days), Enormous-Profit (13 days), Oppo Markets (10 days), Fast Market Co (493 days), Golden Fund Group (12 days), Quick Profits (7 days).

HYIP Blogs. The HyipBlogger.com sale has been completed. Quite obviously this blog has already changed the owner, who seems very a very loyal person. In his welcome speech he thanks Tony, the initial creator for his work and wishes him luck in his endeavours. At the same time HyipBlogger is always ready for Tony's posts whenever he wants to. The full article you may find here: http://hyipblogger.com/2669/new-hyipblogger-good-old-traditions/

HYIP Forums.
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