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Openings. Hello, dear readers! It's Tuesday and we are back in action. We have news to tell you in our regular HYIP informational survey. Inhere you get to know the latest and hottest news from the life of HYIP programs. You will learn what new programs appeared within the last 4 days. Fresh updates on problem programs and events from the HYIP life are at your attention. Plus the brand new section "HYIPNews Discussions" is at your attention. Enjoy your reading and we hope you will find something useful for you.

FX Juice (fxjuice.com) 6.5-85 daily or 140-180% after 20 days!
Forex Superior Inc. (forexsuperior.com) 12%-16% daily for 10 business days!
Wsporstco (wsporstco.com) 5-7.5% daily for 40 biz Days!

Day-Fund (day-fund.com), Fire-Invest (fire-invest.com), FundVasion (fundvasion.com), GainWallet (gainwallet.com), Rock-Profit (rock-profit.com), GamesBetFund (gamesbetfund.com), Plus-Inv (plus-inv.com), Safearn (safearn.com), OKFunds (okfunds.com), Pay-Hourly (pay-hourly.com), AdditionalFunds (additionalfunds.com), Profit Pro (profitpro.biz), Loyal Fund Investment (loyalfund.com), Welfare Invest (welfareinvest.com), Hitch Investment (hitchinvestment.com), Golden Strategy (golden-strategy.com), Trade 24 Hours (trade24hours.net), EndowMoney (endowmoney.com), Success Finance (succesfinance.com), BiznesTrade (biznes-trade.com), Minvestment (minvestment.net), Millionaire Hyip (millionairehyip.com), Profit Pro (profitpro.biz)

There are very many new programs appeared this weekend and the start of the new week. Who knows - why. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, and perhaps some trend is about to develop closer to the end of summer. Still despite the large number of programs, too many of them are still template-like ones and there are not many enough, which are really worth serious attention. However, we may be wrong and among the list above we have the TOP one of the next year 2012. Time will show...

OiFund - not paying
Nano Energy Project - site offline
Forex IntraDay Ltd - site offline
Winterest - not paying
SilverPine Partners - not paying
Liberty Hoard - not paying
Pro Fx Cash - not paying
Friend Income - not paying
Eurex24 - not paying
Viva Trade - not paying
Union-Trust - not paying
NexFund - not paying
Stash Money - not paying
Paga Trade - not paying

So unfortunately we have another list of programs, which are having problems with payouts. And looks like the list is far more growing. This tendency is not a good sign of course, especially for investors of the programs mentioned above. Anyway, this is a normal state of affairs. Some programs appear and some close. The lifetime of programs is absolutely different, starting from 1 week lifetime to several months of good work. Of course we may assume that some programs will solve their problems and get back to work by the time our next informational survey is issued. And naturally i wish all these programs could appear in the Good News section next time. However, we are sure, this is nothing but a dream.

Events. Commodities Capital (comoditiescapital.com) have announced of adding their profile to a brand new social network Google Plus. Along with the new social network update, let us remind you that Commodities Capital (comoditiescapital.com) are also presented on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. As far as it seems, the admin of this HYIP is trying very hard to get more audience and more investors using social networks. Hope it will help them.

ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) have launched new investment plans, offering 15%-20% daily within 30 days. For a comparison, their previous investment plans offer profit 0.8%-1.5% daily. The difference is enormous! What is the reason? I guess it is obvious. Before closing say in a month time, they are trying to take some more money from their investors. Sorry to know that such bad tricks are used by HYIP admins because of their hard willing to get more and more and more. I wish i were wrong, though hardly. HYIPNews.com would strongly recommend not to invest to ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com), at least for now!

GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) seems to be as strong as never before. They re-open exchanges of AlertPay which is not longer accepted to Liberty Reserve. The exchange fee is 10%, though i bet most investors are ok with that, if they are really allowed to exchange their AlertPay to Liberty Reserve to make withdrawals. The fees as they is simply "...to cover the cost of the exchanges we had to make and some of the loss we encountered because of the AlertPay account closures." This is a perfect news for AlertPay investors of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com).

Good News.
Let's take a look at the programs, who managed to solve their troubles after the weekend and get back to normal work and regular payouts. Unfortunately for the investors of practically all programs and to the absolute joy of 5sTrade (5strade.com) this one is the only program, which is now back and paying. As for the rest they are gone for good. The list of closed programs has increased. Congratulations to all, who managed to profit with these programs and good luck and sorry to all who were scammed. Hope you will benefit next time with another program. Always make due diligence and read HYIPNews.com!

Endangered-Animals (44 days), Premium Financials (33 days), Gain Traders (30 days), IT 2 Inv (51 days), Hourly Earn (5 days), Oil-High-Returns (7 days), Maxi Earn (143 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank Perret, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog, is giving his version of the best 10 HYIP investment moves of Summer 2011. The list of Top 10 HYIPs he is giving does not differs much from the one he gave in the beginning of summer. And that fact proves, he is a reliable source of information. One more thing, which is obvious: nearly all 10 HYIPs are now on TOP of nearly all monitoring sites. So does Frank only invest in TOPs? In case he does it's not always a good sign. One day a program is on TOP and another day is it Scam. However, there are some really pieces of advice given in the latest article on the blog. All in all for educational purposes at least it is worth reading. See the full article here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/08/16/top-10-best-hyip-investment-moves-of-summer-2011/

HYIPNews Discussions. In the previous HYIP informational survey 77 our constant readers have shown some sort of perplex regarding the fact, we give out the research of other forums in our researches, instead of making some research of the forum of our own. All the more so, HYIPNews.com, is actually the only place, where one can discuss news in such a format. We'll try to make it, however we are also going to watch other forums and publish links to thread, which can be useful to our readers. Cause we are here for you ;)

So, in the first survey there will be two discussions that were originated within recent 3 days. The first one is about ii-co.com, we were writing about on August 12. It turns out that this project has its defenders as well. Moreover, they inform that admin is paying regularly. Frankly speaking, i don't understand why wouldn't the admin inform of that himself, hence taking away any possible accusations. It can be done here: HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

The second interesting comments was made by our constant reader and truth campaigner, named ”moneygeneral”. He originated the discussion about insurance in HYIP, made by the project called Sun Poll. We have already been trying to contact these guys and get some comments from other investors, though no result till now. In case you have some experience of working with them or you may share some thoughts regarding that, you can post your comment under this informational survey or in the following thread: HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant). Any proofs and comments are highly appreciated. We hope till the end of the month we'll have enough of data to publish the detailed presentation of this interesting question. Both your comments and your live experience are the most valuable for us as always.

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