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The HYIP Information Survey 83 published by Lella Prior on September 02, 2011 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Openings. The HYIP Informational Survey #83 is online! Congratulations to all our constant readers and new visitors! The team of HYIPNews.com is doing the best to supply you with the most relevant and fresh information from the world of HYIP market. Every event we are describing, every news we are posting have been checked before posting. No fake info you will find inside the informational surveys, made by HYIPNews.com. Pure news! Honest information from the world leading HYIP observing resource. As usually we start with the openings of the week.

Motorboats-Online (motorboats-online.com) 1%-1.7% daily for 18-48 days!
Sam Investment (sam-investment.com) 1.6-3.5% daily!

VIP Investing
(vip-investing.com), Alaman Consulting (alaman.com), Daily2Wallet (daily2wallet.info), On-Money (on-money.biz), Money Secure (moneysecure.biz), TechEarnHourly (techearnhourly.com), Footballinvest (footballinvest.biz), Fund-Pack (fund-pack.com), FX Profit Earn (fxprofitearn.com), SushiProfit (sushiprofit.com), Perfect Gain (perfectgain.net), GreatInv (greatinv.com), AVFunds (avfunds.com), Capital-Store (capital-store.com), Hourly-Live (hourly-live.com), Goldsilver-finance (goldsilver-finance.com), Cosmos Invest (cosmos-invest.com), HotSurfingBar (hotsurfingbar.com), Profit Mania (profit-mania.com)

Nothing changed in this section. A few programs appeared that can be theoretically on top positions. Though the majority is still short-term HYIPs, which are not worth investing large amounts. The recommendation from HYIPNews.com: Always make due diligence before investing, take a look at the investment terms, watch for the reviews on blogs and forum discussions. You are free to contact us with any question that you be be interested in or, which is the most optimal solution, you can start a thread on our forum and your colleagues, along with HYIPNews.com professional team members will be eager to assist you.

iiCo - not paying
Fast Market Co - not paying
Gorgon Project Invest - not paying
Globo Treasure - not paying
Fxsure - not paying
Western Sum - not paying
Pharma Finance - not paying
Frost Investment Fund - site offline
Allen Finance - not paying
VN Invest - not paying
True Expert - not paying
Wsporstco - site offline
Large Earning - not paying
Yellow Funds - not paying
Safe And Best - not paying

As we all can see, this weekend, compared to the previous issue if our informational survey, the number of problem programs has increased significantly, unfortunately for investors. Which is especially unpleasant, today we have several really long-term programs, which are now problem and are more likely about to close. These are first of all iiCo, Fast Market and Gorgon Project Invest. Concerning the last mentioned, there are many rumors online. The official news update on the site says, they are not going to close. Still we don't share these optimistic views. When a program is having problems with payments for such a long time, more often it doesn't get back. I wish i was wrong and next time if things go well, i will be the first one to cry out load about that.

Events. UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com) a HYIP running since April 2011 has till recently offered only plans on paid-upon-expiry basis. That was possibly not tolerated by the most investors. Hence the admin of UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com) has implemented new investment plans with daily payouts. The payouts are immediate to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money with principle included in the profit.

CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) are presenting another updated on their site, related to the Referrer Contest they are having. From now on in the member area on the left, every member can see the link to the Top 10 referrers as of the contest results. The high quality approach to the support is well-known as well as their passion for different contests as the means of first of all attracting visitors to their site. Whatever the reason is, the updates on CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) are constant and so far so good about them.

BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) has posted the news update, saying of the problem with money deposit. Following the news, because of some technical troubles the news deposits made within 2 latest days were not automatically reflected on members' accounts. The admin was forced to process the deposits manually. By now this problem was fixed and in case your deposit seems to be lost or something, you should contact the support of BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) to make it visible.

(topsfund.com) announced of the closure of their 15 day investment plan. The official reason for the closure is reaching the investment limit. The replacement for the closed plan is already online and working. However, the replacement is not equal to my mind. 1800% for 360 days with minimum deposit of $500. It's too tough for me... sorry.

Good News.
Since we only had one program in Problem status last time, we issued the informational survey, we thought there will hardly be any good news for today. Well of course, Finexora night have got back from Problem... though unfortunately it didn't! It has been closed by now. Sorry, my friends, no good news for today then.

Dexter Finance (7 days), Safe Investment Group (10 days), Linkore Finance (17 days), Ultimate Tradings (21 days), Finexora (53 days), Profit-United (123 days).

HYIP Blogs. The new admin of HYIPBlogger.com, Phil has started his activity, making a first review of a HYIP program after purchasing the web resource. The first review was published, giving description of EurexTrade. You can see the full text of the review following the link: http://hyipblogger.com/2011/08/review-eurextrade-2855.html

HYIP Forums. The RCB offered by some monitors is a topic for discussion in the thread below. A Talkgold reader wonders why many monitors offer unbelievable RCB 500%, 750%, 1000% or even 2000%? The reasons, why monitors are offering can be explained in a different way. Find the answer to this question or give your suggestion concerning this fact, following the link: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r337792-.html

Professional help is needed. Newbie investor is seeking for the investment place with the daily return 2%. The thread has been started only 2 days ago and there are some options offered by Talkgold members. If you are seeking for the same investment opportunity or you may give some good pieces of advice on this matter, you are welcome to join the discussion here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r337930-.html

The depression in HYIP industry and the world economy as a whole! That is a very disturbing issue and many questions about the future of the industry arise. What should we expect in the nearest future? IS there a chance for the HYIP industry to recover from this depression? You may find possible answers to the these highly vital questions in the thread below: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r301568-.html

A 5-star ranked thread on Goldentalk gives a wide variety of information concerning online Earning and where to start. The author inititally sets a list of important questions, a newbie should know to start earning online. Indeed the questions that were asked are of a high importance and, which is more important, many of them are answered and are still being discussed in an active way. Even for the professional this thread may be interesting, not even mentioning the newbie who wants to start earning online. See the thread on Goldentalk: http://goldentalk.com/t56317.html

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