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Openings. Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our team is happy to welcome you with the regular informational survey that covers the latest events in the world of high yield investments. As usually we are giving you the latest updates regarding the new and problem HYIPs. You will become aware of hot blog updates and active forum discussions. All happening in the world of HYIP industry - in one informational survey, provide by HYIPNews.com

Iceberg Finance 120-700% Up to 15 Days!
Worldwide Capital 1.5-2.3% Daily!
Storage Capital Partners (storage-cp.com) 1.5-2.4 Daily for 40-100 Days!

Sinfinance (sinfinance.com), Quick-Profits (quick-profits.biz), Lead Investors (lead-investors.com), Joint-Finance (joint-finance.com), ExtraFxIn (extrafxin.com), FastenProfit (fastenprofit.com), Prim Income (primincome.com), Cos Pool (cospool.com), Gospel Savings (gospelsavings.com), HotRestInvestment (hotrestinvestment.com), GetInstantProfit (getinstantprofit.com), Successfuly Earning (successfuly-earning.com), Alpha Tradings Inc. (alphatradings.com), Troy Cash (troycash.com).

Far more and more programs are in the first section of our Openings section. That means, far more and more programs are worth investors attention and can be considered not a template-like made ones. This tendency will affect the HYIP market positively. The new season is on its way and there's much to grow yet.

Invest Net Group - not paying
Grand Wealth Signal - not paying
GBP Real Estate - not paying
Fund Pools - not paying
Tactcue - not paying

As we can see there are only 5 new programs in the Problems list today. And this looks optimistic, despite the fact 3 of 5 programs are long-term ones, supposedly with many investors involved. Hope the troubles are temporal and they will be solved soon. Meanwhile, please stay away from investing to any HYIP project that is in the Problems section.

Events. The admin of the HYIP AuruMoney (aurumoney.com) has implemented the SSL security. In addition to that he announced of adding the multi language phone support for registered members, giving all the numbers of English, Russian, French and Chinese operators. Besides that, AuruMoney (aurumoney.com) admin, Jack, has notified their members in the official newsletter of applying the additional e-mail for support needs. The full news is on the site of the project.

FelminaAlliance has setup the Facebook account, where most up-to-date news, important links and useful tips will be posted every day. Besides the HYIP implements the weekly newsletter, sent out to the customers, with the purpose of improving the communication. In the first newsletter FelminaAlliance informs of working on adding new payment methods and issuing the certificates of deposits that confirm the deposits made by the investors. There is also another notification, saying that within the nearest 2 weeks FelminaAlliance will add a localized version of the site in German. Stay tuned on HYIPNews.com! If more updates are on the air, we'll let you know!

The AlertPay account of PokerProfits (pokerprofits.ca) has been suspended by AlertPay authorities, like it usually happens with HYIPs lately. The reason is some alleged receipt of fraudulent funds, and followed by the request to send some additional verification documents. This scheme happened with PokerProfits (pokerprofits.ca) has already become normal for the HYIP industry. Dear investors, please think twice before depositing funds to any HYIP in AlertPay. The risk of losing money is much hire when working with this payment system.

Good News. Premoney is the HYIP that gained much popularity for a short period of time has finally got back online after the days of “Errors” on-screen. Luckily for its investors the site is back paying. Congratulations! AS for the rest programs, their were either closed or still in Problems :(

Emoney. The famous online exchanger xChanger (xchanger.org) has posted the September newsletter, announcing the discounted rates currently active for certain exchange operations:

Liberty Reserve to AlertPay = 0%
AlertPay to SolidTrust Pay = 3.9%
Liberty Reserve to SolidTrust Pay = 0%
Perfect Money to SolidTrust Pay = 0%
Perfect Money to AlertPay = 0%

We are sure, these discounts won't last long and are possibly used to balance the amounts of e-currencies they are possessing. For those, who are interested in the exchange directions, mentioned above, please visit the official web-site of the exchanger.

Liberty Reserve has been on scheduled maintenance on September 24 between 06:00 (am) and 09:00 (am)(UTC). After the maintenance, there were some technical problems inside the clients' accounts. The verification codes and confirmation mails were either undelivered or had some delays, when delivering. Right now the problems seem to be resolved and all systems are working well.

London Gold Exchange, a famous exchanger that used to work for years, is now closed for business permanently. Possible reasons of closure are the close ties with Global Digital Pay, which in its turn has been closely connected with Gorgon Project Invest, scammed lately. Quite possibly Global Digital Pay is the next one. Hope, it won't happen though!

Closures. Global-Saving (39 days), MaGo Fund (42 days), Trusted Earn (22 days), Tgfund (15 days), Brics Money (64 days), MagicInv (49 days), Penny 2 Million (41 days), Cosmos Petroleum Corporation (22 days), Bet-Money (8 days), RPSMC (32 days), Extra Fx Incomes (32 days), Munich Online Capital (342 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog is posting some personal ideas on how things are going on with the industry leaders: Safe Depositary and Macro Trade. Frank gives vivid comparison of recently scammed PrimFix and two notorious leaders. Apart from that, the greater part of the article is devoted to the new potential leader of the industry: Powerful Strategy. How long will they all last? What are the typical movements for the programs, which are about to close down? Learn this and more in the new update on the Private HYIP Blog: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/09/23/powerful-strategy-down-againts-macrotrade-and-safe-depositary/

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