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I hope you noticed how much the sphere of high yield investing has become alive lately. September was a really active month, the first active month after a year of stable making no headway. On the background of new stars that appeared, there are several dozens of projects well-reputed long before the dawn. Naturally, they also have a second chance and if you are a follower of proven prorgams, you need to know these stars. Welton Trust ” is one of them and we'll try to make closer acquaintance. (HN):
Hello, first question is a traditional one. Please introduce yourself to our readers. What is your name, your post in Wenton Trust?
Welton Trust (WT): I'm Bjorn Lindberg, and I am a PR manager in Welton group.

(HN): Now let's introduce your company. What is the full name, what is the official name of the project? Please tell us, what is Welton Group and whom does it include?
(WT): We are a part of Weltongroup, group of offshore companies which has been started by John Welton approximately 15 years ago. Since the very initial stages of its development the group specialized in offshore financial services, mostly offshore reinsurance and promissory notes issue and trading. program is based on the activities of Welton Sale, Inc. At the moment we have around 20 staffers. The head of our trading department is Sandra Portillo, a seasoned investment manager who has been working for many trading firms since more than 20 years.

Our promissory notes operations are supervised by Leopold Lee, a well-known financial analyst, who joined us in 2009.

Please also check our blog for more details.

(HN): What is the history of your company?

(WT): program has been conceived as a part of Welton group, responsible for handling small and middle-sized investment about a year ago. We are online since about 7 months. At the moment we have some 5000 active investors; and the growth rate is steady.

What is it activity field, or in other words, what is Welton Trust make its profit on?
(WT): Our business rests on three pillars: promissory notes, offshore reinsurance, and offshore securities trading. Offshore operations allow to reduce costs and the same time not to be restricted by excessive limitations of regulated markets. It means that we can use very high leverage, which allows us to offer very high interest to our investors.

Also recently we have become active in the field of offshore stock trading. Our trading unit was launched this summer.

(HN): How do you provide the income stability?
(WT): Offshore business provides for the high stability of our cash flow. For example, the staple of our business is promissory notes handling. We act a a broker between companies issuing the notes to attract new funds, and the sellers (which are offshore banks mostly). This is a business with almost no risk but really high profits.

(HN): How do you insure against hidden risks?
(WT): We maintain a well-structured reserve fund, which can be used in case of such emergencies as market crashes or strengthening of the government control. We have been in this business for a while, and we know how to handle emergencies.

(HN): How do you insure against risks, connected with working in high yield industry (changing investors' mood, competitive struggle (DdoS, black PR, etc.))?
(WT): We have built a business which is quite healthy and sustainable. Black PR or some hacking activity cannot undermine our operations, since our business does not rely solely on the influx of new investors.

(HN): What is the closing gain, you can assure for your clients, i.e. investors?
(WT): Actually it is infinite, since we do not impose any limits on the investment term. As long as a user wants keep his or her deposit with us his account balance grows.

(HN): The peculiar feature of Welton Trust is unlimited term of getting the profit. Is that really so? How does it work?
(WT): Yes, it is really so. An investor can withdraw his or her principal investment any time. The withdrawal procedure takes 10 business days.

(HN): So, I deposit $100 and will benefit from it for lifetime?
(WT): Yes, you'll be getting profit as long as you keep your deposit.

(HN): Can I proceed with premature closure of my account if i need this money? Will i be put any penalty fee?
(WT): Yes, as I've told before, you can do it any time. There is no penalty fee at the moment.

(HN): Can i add money to my deposit or take some part of it?
(WT): Yes, you can make as many new deposits as you wish. But if you wish to withdraw your deposit it has to be the whole thing.

(HN): One of the pages on your site ( is called Promote. Does it mean, it is possible to earn money by promoting your program?
(WT): Yes, sure. We even have a 2-tier referral program, which means that our promoters benefit not only from their direct referrals but also from the users who are referred to us by them.

(HN): Can a person, promoting you get some materials for this? Can they contact you somehow or visit your office?
(WT): Yes, we offer anything our promoters would need, including promotional materials and consulting. We have met several of our promoters recently when we had a general investment meeting in London.

(HN): You've been working for more than 210 days now, what are your success results? What did you manage to achieve?
(WT): I believe that the most important thing that we have achieved is our loyal investor base. With more than 5,000 active investors and around 300-400 new investors each week we can be quite confident in the future of program

(HN): What are your goals, what are you planning to realize in the nearest future?
(WT): We are planning to introduce a new investment pool for our investors, with a little bit different investment terms. It is planned to be launched in December. Also we are planning to have a general investors conference in a couple of month. It will be an offline event, held most probably in Dubai.

(HN): How is your promotional campaign is going on? Is it active? Do you advetise, how many monitoring sites and forums are you listed in?
(WT): Our main advertisement vehicle is a word of mouth, and we are quite content with it. But naturally we do not neglect investment resources, forums, and so on. We are listed on all major investment rating sites.

(HN): And the final question. What would you like to with or give some advice to the readers of and all investors?
(WT): Don't put all your eggs in one basket, diversify, and don't be greedy! This might be trivial but still most of the investors don't get these simple truths.

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