Updated: 10/25/2011 09:26
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SafeDepositary closed, one of the most successful programs today. It really had many investors. It is rather interesting

SafeDepositary closed, one of the most successful programs today. It really had many investors. It's rather interesting, along with that, the admins haven't invested a single cent to the advertising! So, SD closed up a week and a half ago. Now i want to explain why.

It's clear for everyone, sooner or later a HYIP is closed. That is why the idea of successful high yield investing lies in good timing of joining in and going out. Basing on the terms, HYIP is functioning, constant growth is impossible. The projects like MMM-2011 are trying to prove the opposite, however, we don't know for sure until they manage with that.

Some period after the HYIP start date, investors are losing interest towards it. The level of attraction in current conditions is lowered because of the lifetime term (within some period of time, the attractive lifetime can go down to 1 month, although it can be several years as well).

The leadership is taken by programs with more or less similar lifetime. That is why, the situation with them is the same. Moreover, they have common investors. So, if the trust is gone, there is no place for the new one. That is why, the biggest problem about closing big programs is closing of other programs.

This is the worst and the most terrible. And, unfortunately, it's the inevitable market development. There are several large projects now, among which MacroTrade and ReProFinance are standing out. The MacroTrade stability has been shaking lately. Some negative appeared. ReProFinance has marked the 500 days anniversary and is trying to strengthen its positions, particularly, offering some ambiguous deposit insurance to investors. If they both manage to live 3-3 months more, it's going to be a high achievement for the HYIP industry. All in all 2 years is not that large lifetime term and it would be good enough to finally meet any project like that.

As for smaller programs, a week and a half after the closure of SD, none of them has shown a sign of collapse. There are far more and more gossips and concerns around the HYIP industry, so the most interesting is yet to come.

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