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If you have a creative streak and would like to utilize it to make some extra cash, there is no better site than cafe press to accomplish your goals

If you have a creative streak and would like to utilize it to make some extra cash, there is no better site than cafe press to accomplish your goals. Cafe press gives you an easy way to showcase your talent to the world plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the designs you created are on products being used by people around the world. Yes, anybody from any country in the world can buy or sell at Cafe press. If you are looking for mementoes for various events like parties or Christmas with your own special touch for instance a mug with a snapshot of the parents to be or T-shirt with a painting made by you, you can easily get them made and shipped to the recipients though Cafe press. The site does all the work for you whether you are selling your products or ordering them for yourself and at the end of the month you will get a check for the sales that you have made. This is a great opportunity even for people who don't reside in the US. The various products that you can put your design on include T-shirts, cups, clocks, underwear, posters and more. The site provides the merchandize, prints the designs and ships them to the customers.

Since Cafe press provides the merchandize and does the printing for you; they set a base price to recover their cost. The seller can increase this price to make a profit. So to begin the process you will need to create an account with cafe press which will not take more than a few minutes.

Next, get your design ready, if you are not sure about your design just check out the post from other sellers at Cafe press and you will find out about the merchandize and the types of designs that are top sellers. You can either create the image on paper and scan it or you could create it with the help of a software. If you are scanning the image make sure that you use a high quality scan and edit it tightly. If you want the design to look right you need to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. So you will need to go with at least 10 dpi but if you intend to increase the size of the image 300 dpi will be ideal because there will be no pixilation when you increase the size. The file formats that you use also matter. Usually .jpeg is very effective but if you going for a drawing .png is a better option particularly if you want to increase the size of the image. A good way to proceed would be to first take the size of the products that you intend to put your design on and co ordinate the size of your image according to the size of the product so that you can ensure high quality printing of your design.

Once the image is ready just sign up for an account at Cafe Press. Now you have two options when you select the products. Click on the tab at the top of the screen that has the name ‘make your own stuff'. Here you will be prompted with two account options; the free and the paid. Of course since you are new to the site the best way would be to go for a free account. Needless to say there will be heavy limitations like only one product per category but it is a good way to cut your teeth before you invest some money from your own pockets.

Now choose the products, upload your design and add it to the products. Once you have got the product to look the way you envisioned it; you can create it and start your selling and marketing efforts.

You can also sell your Caf© Press products on eBay and have Caf© Press fulfil orders directly to your customers. It costs so little to keep an item in your eBay shop for the entire month but shop listed items are less easily found by potential buyers than auction listed items. Overcome this by having one or two items listed at auction and use them to attract visitors to your shop to acquire your products ‘Buy It Now' and also to generate hectic bidding that might even find your products fetching really high prices with lots of Second Chance Offer potential.

If designing your own creations isn't for you, you can still earn money from Cafe Press through the Cafe Press affiliate programs. It's one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the internet for physical products, currently paying 15 percent.

As usual, how well you market your product will finally determine. Publicity and word of mouth are the fastest options, providing people know where to find your designs. Viral marketing (which is basically word of mouth online) is great for online sales because if people like what they see, they can immediately place their order with just a few clicks. If it's appropriate, we recommend letting people know where the shirt came from by incorporating a website address into the graphic. This can help your business gain momentum as more and more people comment on the shirts, some of whom will then visit your online store. Choosing good descriptive keywords for your descriptions will help the major search engines find your webpage.

You can set up your own shop to sell your products. Don't just restrict your marketing efforts to the internet, go offline as well. Always keep a few samples of your products at home, give a few to friends and family with information on the place from where they can purchase more.


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