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A couple of days ago RealFusion (that offers 1.2%2.1% daily for 69189 calendar days) started accepting new payment option OKPAY. The...

A couple of days ago RealFusion (that offers 1.2%-2.1% daily for 69-189 calendar days) started accepting new payment option OKPAY. The administration asks everyone to note that with the help of OKPAY you can also make a deposit using your Visa or MasterCard. In order to do that, select make a deposit via OKPAY and follow the instructions. The card must be verified and added to the account (the system will offer you to do this). It is informed that RealFusion will take care of all commissions of OKPAY until the 1st of February 2012. Never forget that you shouldnt provide HYIPs with your personal information in any case. The full information about RealFusion can be found in our Presentation.

FXMoguls (presented here) sent out a newsletter in which its team reminds about all recent events. First of all, AlertPay has been added (read about it here). Also a minimum deposit amount in this program is $1 now to make it affordable for every investor. Second of all, they remind that there is an 11% bonus for new deposits (the details can be viewed on a special page on the website The next thing they remind about is a personal forum of FXMoguls, which can be used by all members. And the last announcement concerns a contest, according to the term of which the administration will choose 3 members weekly who post testimonials about in one of the projects threads on MMG, TalkGold or DTM (participants should mention their user names in posts). The winners will be awarded with $10 bonuses and will be upgraded to the 2.4% daily plan. The contest will last for a week and then may be prolonged.

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