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At the beginning of the year i have decided to publish more information of my own deposits, why i choose this or that program

At the beginning of the year i have decided to publish more information of my own deposits, why i choose this or that program. As i've told more than once already, doesn't promote any site in the reviews, neither gives any kind of support. In case we don't like the project and we contacted it mistakenly, we don't keep silence then, despite even the fact a scandal may occur, the DDoS attack may be initiated etc.

Though our main capital — readers audience, is growing, which means our policy is correct not only in our opinion. It makes sense for the readers as well. That is actually why starting from the year 2012, the review included more of the info, so-called «'s personal choice». And now i would like to offer my opinion of Panama Hedge Fund.

Love at first sight
If i don't deposit into this program i will be sorry for that. Even if i DO deposit and lose it — that's the kind of thought i had when i took a closer look at the investment plans of Panama Hedge Fund. Well, at first i was scared with the minimalistic design and absence of the site title, though later i realized my strong desire to add them into my portfolio. For one simple reason.

Investment plan
1.9% daily for deposits of $1 and more. That's it. All is that simple. Isn't that enough for you? Within 30 days you are getting 2.1% of the same deposit daily as well (business days actually). Within 90 days your interest rate is 2.3%, within 180 days your income rate will grow up to 2.5% and finally at the expiry of 12 months, the term of your deposit you are supposed to be earning 2,7% within 2 months.


Certainly, the background for any investment project online is the public place, the site i mean. The site should be functionally full, and for the marketing purposes it should be bright and rememberable. Some investors like the site to be maximum informative, some want to see some trustworthiness, similar to the Mutual Funds sites.

Panama Hedge Fund will work better for those, who thinks more open sites and simple design can be effective. There are only several pages and they are not overloaded with content, which doesn't actually add more info to the one yo-u may find on the main page. There is possibly one exception page:, the page where one can see the example of one working deposit.

BlackLotus hosting with DDoS protection, Comodo SSL. Hard to wish for more. Although, as i've said some investors may rise questions concerning the site itself.

Payment systems and contacts
LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay — here is the shortlist of e-currencies, accepted by Panama Hedge Fund. I personally believe the payment systems list is not of a great importance if it's enough. Besides, it should be noticed that AlertPay is a problematic processor for the high yield programs. Though, many investors enjoy it herewith because of the charge-back option, so one thing compensates another one.

The contact means are much more interesting. I personally think very positive of the admin, who responses to customers' e-mails very fast, when the Support Service is easy of access and is able to solve issues. Apparently, it is all about Panama Hedge Fund. They have three e-mail addresses, Skype and feedback form. Well of course, telephone could be added for appearance, however, tell me, how often you make calls to HYIP admins?

Exploits performed
Alexa rank is currently about 175K, which at the same time shows that admin is working on promoting the project (though it's the traffic gain) as well as that there is a potential to grow in respect of this promotion.

I would say, it's an ideal pyramid, though life experience shows that not always ideal schemes survive. However, once again, my experience shows, participating in ideal schemes ultimately gives significant risk decrease and i personally have my losses paid off. Well, i certainly don't want to be wrong, though in this aspect, admins were intended to create the cocktail, i could never miss. I am not telling it is the best program currently working on the market, though, as for the HYIPs, there is no 100% risk insurance, so placing a stake on this opportunity would seem rather reasonable. I naturally don't recommend you to do the same, though Panama Hedge Fund is definitely worth closer acquaintance.

P.S. The admin is obviously stakes on the referral program. The reward is 10% for each deposit and at the same time it's not very active in cooperating with monitoring sites (they currently have 4 official monitorings). Besides as i've already mentioned, the admin has simplified the site to the utmost. So, if you are not interested in Panama Hedge Fund as the place for your assets allocation, you can get interested in earning money with promoting. You just don't forget to warn against the risks involved into high yield investing.

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