Updated: 02/03/2012 17:50
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When the program gets into our catalog, we are obliged to write it's presentation. These are the monitoring conditions of In fact, we rarely refuse the services of monitoring programs, but from the presentation, they can not refuse. Thus, whatever it was, we can express our professional judgment about the program and today the victim is Investment Code.

Why victim? Well, probably because they offer the highest percentage of profit that I know. 10 000% after 60 days. Of course, if you count the 8888/30 two times, you get even more absurd figure, anyway "10,000% of profit." even sounds quite strange.

Of course, this is a fraud. 10 000% none will ever pay you. So do not be fooled. Recently, such a percentage is a marketing tool, regularly used software of various types (and short-term and long term). Anyway above all - short-term.

Investment Code is just a short-term program, because the shortest deposit equal to 8 hours (16% per hour). The next plan lasts a day and you will get 122%. Deposit can be created in the PM or LR. By the way, they are also offer 8% referral program, but every time you have to give a link to our presentation, so that investors could understand the situation. By investing a small amount into the plan with a profit of 3000% (after 30 days), you can certainly dream about "what if you're lucky," but it's better not to count on the return of your money. Play in the casino should be child's play and if and other monitoring sites get profit from plans with small percent, it does not automatically means that at least someone makes a profit even with a plan for "225% after 5 days." This is the reality of HYIP Industry.

Of course by talking about such a controversial program as Investment Code, after 18 days of its inception, I have a great risk. It is quite strange that she had worked for so long. But on the other hand, every reader should understand that is not closing eyes to such things and will not hide its active investment position, even in slippery situations. Yes, Investment Code may be closed tomorrow, or run for several weeks more, but therein lies the charm of HYIP. Yes, basing only at the investment proposals it can be understood that this is a very risky adventure, but that this is the beauty of HYIP. Do not forget just what is the difference between a "game of investment" and "investment game". Investment Code apply specifically to the type of pure-play and I'm glad we were able to present them with a positive status to mark the pages on our development with this interesting phenomenon of high yield. The experience, knowledge and observation - the three pillars of regular investments.


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