Updated: 03/24/2012 03:40
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The project CFD Online, which is being monitored in our listing for 3 days has already managed to issue the first newsletter and recently there has been another update. Stevan, admin of CFD Online, reports on the investment plan update, decreasing minimum investment amount from $25 to $10.

The decision to lower the minimum was taken due to several requests from private and monitors. The thing is e that for the majority, starting with $25 is a hard task to complete for they simply cannot afford it. The project CFD Online has instant payments and so it is highly important to let new investors join the project, otherwise it will lead to soon collapse. Therefore, the admin has set all start prices to $10 for all the investment plans.

The approach of Stevan towards the cooperation with clients, particularly the support service is also amazing. The TOS of the project clearly state, the live support is not available at weekends. However, Stevan assures everyone, he'll be there to help investors with any issues. All you need to do is to say hello and ask. Good attitude! Keep up like that!

Walter Anderson,

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