Updated: 05/29/2012 12:55
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Yesterday on Monday, May 28 there was an official US holiday, Memorial Day. Several largest HYIP programs, that attempt to look like real companies use the official US holidays as a reason for announcing the non payment day. Some programs make no actual announcement, just posting a short message "Non-Trading Day" on the site. I am talking about Benson Union. Unfortunately, not all investors are aware of the Memorial Day in US, so choosing this way of letting members know about that is not tolerant at all. At least there should have been some sort of reason posted. Anyway, we are letting everyone know that Benson Union announced the Non-Trading day on May 28, due to official US holiday.

Another big program that used the Memorial Day for making a day off is Felmina. As reported, Felmina is observing all national US and Panama holidays, hence it makes sense May 28 is a non-profit day. One thing that makes Felmina different from Benson Union, is sending the official newsletter to the membership community.

To finish with i would like to notice that many other programs has also updated their clients about the Memorial Day and took a one-day vacation from paying the profit to investors. Definitely, national holidays is a perfect chance not to complete any payouts and save some money for the HYIP owners. In our turn, really expects everyone to get back to normal payment schedule starting from today.

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