Updated: 08/23/2012 12:31
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Within latest week Liberty Reserve has been in great trouble for the clients of this popular ecurrency. We have already posted the article about the...

Within latest week Liberty Reserve has been in great trouble for the clients of this popular e-currency. We have already posted the article about the blocked accounts and the site offline for maintenance.

Until recently there have been no official explanation from the Liberty Reserve authorities, regarding the situation occurred. Yesterday, the official blog of Liberty Reserve has published the official notice, which gives explanation of the situation occurred with the blocked accounts and the site maintenance.

Along with the blog update, the main page of the Liberty reserve website is loading well as of now. Although all the rest pages, including the login page are still on maintenance.

So, let's get in to particulars of the latest blog update and try to explain the situation as it's reported by the Liberty Reserve authorities. First of all the main idea about the update is the confirmation that many customers accounts have been blocked erroneously. The reason for the block to take place is the automated script tested in the beginning of August. Unfortunately the script failed to work correctly. As it turns out the script was developed to secure the accounts automatically in case of any suspicious account activity, including the login attempts. As reported during the maintenance the problem has been identified and solved.

The maintenance is on its final stage, during which all erroneously blocked accounts will be updated and unlocked accordingly. The authorities report this process may take up to 2-4 more days. So the customers have nothing but wait for the outcome to be positive enough.

One more addition is being now implemented at Liberty Reserve, during the maintenance. Credit Card Funding option (available ONLY to verified users) has been pending to be added to the website and after the maintenance is complete it will become fully available. along with some other minor improvements and enhancements.

Please keep in mind, the official Liberty Reserve blog is the only official news source. Any other rumors on forums, blogs may be inaccurate. The Liberty Reserve official emphasize the need to appeal to official news due to some risks to be mislead.

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