Updated: 11/07/2012 11:38
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We have recently received several complaints on Carbon Deals , the HYIP that was added to listing 24 days ago. The complaints were saying...

We have recently received several complaints on Carbon Deals, the HYIP that was added to listing 24 days ago. The complaints were saying that profit payouts are pending more than usual and which is far more unpleasant, more than declared. The HYIPNews team decided to investigate the issue and hence contacted the support of Carbon Deals with the purpose of getting some explanation of the things going on with the payouts delayed. Fortunately, we got some explanation and confirmation from the management of Carbon Deals. Please see the newsletter sent to all members below:

"Esteemed Members,

We ran into some technical difficulties today and will be unable to make payments for the following 36 hours.
Please bear with us, as this is just a minor delay and everything will return to normal right after we are done with repairs.
This also gives us the time to perform much needed database maintenance work.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

Well, then it's easy to say "some technical difficulties". But... listen guys, it's all about our money! We need to know more. 36 hours is not a long term at all, and hence we shall wait and not change the status of this HYIP. However, at the same time, there's something alarming in this newsletter. Can't it be just a trick to win some time before closing up....maybe... Especially, we all remember the same tactics used by Right5 before scamming down. As of now now we don't have any reasons not to trust Carbon Deals. Till recently all payments have been completed properly. However, within the nearest 36 hours, let's try to stay away from depositing, until things get clear.

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