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CashROTOR has already gained popularity among the HYIP players as one of the most growing shortterm hyips. The project has been showing good...

CashROTOR has already gained popularity among the HYIP players as one of the most growing short-term hyips. The project has been showing good performance since the very launch of the project. As of now the membership database counts over 2350 investors registered, more than a half of which has made at least one deposit. The reason for the trust is continuous ans stable work of CashROTOR during the Black December and Christmas holidays. While other HYIPs have come up with any sort of reasons to postpone their payouts, CashROTOR has been paying the profits to the members instantly every single day declared in the TOS.

The initial goal of CashROTOR as said by Steven, the admin of the project in one of the interviews was to rub the project at least till February. With the performance shown recently this goal sounds like 100% achievable even taking into account the fact two of investment cycles have been matured successfully.

Here below goes another word for CashROTOR in the aspect of the project's improvement. Let us share some words about the latest updates done to the project. Let me quote the original newsletter here below on this point:

"- CashROTOR now uses Liberty Reserve API v.2.0. The switch was made without being noticed by anyone. After 3 days Liberty Reserve will disable API v.1.0 and CashROTOR instant withdrawals will not be affected.
- Two more payment processors were added: EgoPay and PexPay. Now even more good investors can reach the earning power of CashROTOR. All withdrawals with those payment systems are as well instant and not limited.
- CashROTOR has been introduced to all PexPay users in their private newsletter.
- CashROTOR is now protected by BlockDoS professional shield. Topics are sticked on 4 major forums."

More updates and project's improvements are goint to be applied soon. They will be announced in a dedicated newsletter for sure.

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