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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 191 published by Charles Morris on October 16, 2012

Dear readers! Today is Tuesday and we are happy to present you with the HYIP informational survey. It happened that last Friday the informational survey was not released due to objective reasons. We apologize for that and today we'll give you more news and events from the HYIP industry. As always you will get to know about the latest additions to HYIPNews listing, as well as the recent closures and problem programs. We shall outline the main news from the most used e-currencies and HYIP blogs on the net. And as usually shall we start with the Top choice section:

Top Choice

The TOP Choice section is at your attention below. TOP 5 programs, currently listed at HYIPNews are at your attention. The information below is for informative purposes. The investment decision taken is yours and remember the rule and our advice, do not invest to HYIPs more than you can afford yourself to lose.

1. Benson Union

Listed: 272 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


Listed: 68 days

Profit: 3% daily!

Term: up to 90 business days!

3. Invest in Cars

Listed: 93 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!

4. Amila Trade

Listed: 81 days

Profit: 129-589% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

5. StallionGold

Listed: 43 days

Profit: up to 4% daily!

Term: up to 100 business days!

So as you may see, the Top Choice section has not changed at all for the week period. All the same positions are taken by all the same programs. The #1 is still Benson Union. The second place is taken by the official sponsor of the regular informational survey AVO INC, which is managing the second largest deposit we have after Benson Union. Invest in Cars is taking the place #3, and Amila Trade and StallionGold are taking the 4th and 5th place accordingly. Good luck to everyone! Have a good week!


Please find the list of the Openings of this week. There are lots of new programs, and many of them were added to HYIPNews listing. Please see them with the detailed presentation below as well as the list of other programs that appeared online within the latest week.

HotBestFund 5% daily up to 30 calendar days!
Fast-Earn 1400 after 1-15 days!
Carbon Deals 3.6-5.2% daily, 8-10% weekly up to 70 calendar days!
Finance Core 1.7-4.5% daily up to 40 calendar days!
Successful Invest 15.4-18.4% daily after 7 calendar days!
Wealth 2012 115-240% after 1-7 days!
Robust Invest 5.5-6.5% daily up to 45 calendar days!
Royal7star 3-60% daily for 2-7 days, 125-155% after 3-5 days!
Unlimited Earn 130-700% after 1-15 days!
Best Investment Club 7-9% daily up to 20 business days!
4 Forex Investment 11-14% daily up to 10 business days!

SwapProfit TigerProfits ValessaTrade SolidCashEarn AfriInvestment MutualCapital ForexGrand LibertyReserveCapital Ervest AmericanFXTrade InstCapital RomanFinance LibertyPool Martinv FXTrade7 CashStream TradeWorldPro BestTimeProfit YourOIS DreamFXCapital Ore8 ExpandDeposit Kamikoff Solid-Progress DollarCapital BestBarterGroup PacoFunds InvestPM Icon-FX FlowerPays FinProFund EasyWayProfit MaxProfitDay Double-Raffle ChangerProfit GoldSilo Mega-Incomes DKProfit Getforcash SolidIncome EarnMachine CNN-Inv StreamProfit 50-Day Gold-Finance ForexEasyDay ForexProsperity PiscesGold TrustedHYIP InvestandTrust FXGaints ErbilCrudeOil DiamondMoney VirgoInv OnlineInvestments FXCreditFund SecureCashFlow MonthlyProfit AxisCapitalCorp EMS-Invest Profit-Expert JayInvest AibClub SpeedMoneyLR RoundMoney Q-Profit GeniusGain FX-Grand SZEarn Profitgetting RapidFunds Profits-Pay CapitalPortal PerdyCapital KingsMaker HourlyTarget SuccessPlane TuzoPaid Desert-Surf MassAutoPay BestFinancecenter Reactor-Fund Dhi-DumDum ZenCash High-Line MoneyReserve ChironProfit Big-Invest HighSpeedTrading Love-Profit Real-Profit Monetary-Revolution MillionairesZone PerfectProCash Live-Investments GlobalConceptInvest Catalinela Sunrisetoprofit Global65 5-Pay

The Openings section is numerous as always, actually. The first part includes 11 new programs. They were added to the HYIPNews monitor. Good luck to the admins! As for the rest, there certainly may be several programs worth investors' attention. One thing is recommended in any case. Before joining a HYIP, remember, due diligence is a must to do! Make your investment choice thoroughly and wisely, dear investors.


AFX-Capital - not paying

711Finance - not paying

BYW-30 - not paying
Profita - not paying
Arab Dollar Finance - not paying
Exchange HYIP - not paying
85 Daily - not paying
Realty Investment - not paying
DepPro - not paying
Clean Energy Fund - not paying
OdoFx - not paying
Finance Fund Store - not paying
Payswop Investment - not paying
Cambe Project - not paying
Lyxor Management - not paying
Pro Roi - not paying
Benefit 20 Days - not paying
Avai Fund - not paying
Jay Invest - not paying
Blue Way Investment - not paying

Here we go again with the list of Problem programs. One week has passed since the last time we issued the HYIP informational survey. Within this time nearly all programs except one, that were problem last time have been moved to the Closures section. As for the one that recovered from problems, we'll mention it below in the Good News section. Besides, there are lots of new programs that turned out to be Problem and hence mentioned in the list above. All this makes the Problem list so numerous. Don't get caught, dear readers! The programs assigned with the Problem statuses are currently dangerous for investing The risk of losing money is huge. Act wisely, dear friends.


Hero-10 (20 days), LR Investment Corp (136 days), Hour-Hour (42 days), Bristol Reserve (42 days), Profits Investor (42 days), The Big 5 (36 days), Stock Online Pay (35 days), Earn Building (28 days), Successful Strategy (47 days), Elite Gains (22 days), Rich Deposit (20 days), Asia War Fund (20 days), Ageativa (19 days), Pros Projects (14 days), Single Step (34 days), Jambo Profit (27 days), Flagman-LTD (26 days), Aofunds (22 days), Forex Bank USA (20 days), Profit Trusted (14 days), Grace Travels (10 days), Rank Finance (7 days), Profit Surge (5 days).


StallionGold has added the Spanish version of the web site in order to meet the needs of the international community of the clients. The translated version can be accessible, following the link in the right top corner of the website.
Apart from that StallionGold joined the social media community by establishing its official Facebook and Twitter pages. All members and website visitors can now follow all of our latest news and program developments, post and read member testimonials and feedback about our program, as well as use these portals to connect and communicate with each other.

Another HYIP, VeryGoodCapital has also added some more of localizations to the website. From now on Russian, Japanese and Chinese versions are available. Choosing languages is possible when clicking the corresponding icon on the main page.

PipsFund has launched the contest for the official representatives. The concept is pretty simple, first prize goes to the representative with the biggest amount in referral commissions within the next three weeks. The number of referrals is not important for this contest. The winner is the one with the biggest amount of total earned in referral commissions.

CarbonDeals has had some issues with crediting accounts in the program via LibertyReserve for the last 24 hours. Fortunately the problems seemed to be temporal and the admin has notified its members about resolving the issue:

"LibertyReserve processing problems resolved
Dear Members,
The LibertyReserve processing problems we have been having the last 24 hours causing only some deposits to process have now been resolved.
Thank you all for the patience and prompt problem reporting.
Best Regards, Peter Neperus

Finvance has recently broken the 20,000 active deposits barrier going into the fourth cycle. As reported the amount of active deposits to Finvance is over $3million.
Let me remind you that Finvance has been performing in a perfect way for nearly 100 days, monitored at HYIPNews.com. The project is paying 8% daily for 28 calendar days with interest earnings on business days (Monday through Friday 20 days of interest).
Finvance accepts the following e-currencies: Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. Let me also quote some tips for completing the withdrawals to various e-currencies:
"SolidTrustPay account withdrawals are sent to your SolidTrustPay username. Your username is what should be in your profile. If it is incorrect, fix it and cancel and re-submit your withdrawal.
PerfectMoney account withdrawals should begin with a Capital U or E (USD or EUROS). If it is incorrect, please fix it and re-submit your withdrawal. Please make sure your account number is properly formatted as well with no extra spaces or blanks as it will cause your withdrawal to fail."
Once anyone is missing any deposit, it is recommended to send the e-mail request to the support giving the Finvance username and complete transaction details for the deposit missing. If the deposit was lost it will be credited to investor's account manually.

Intra Funds reported that on Monday and Tuesday, October 15 and October 16 accordingly there will be no payouts. The reason is an important trip of Intra Funds admin to Cincinnati. All pending withdrawals are reported to be paid on Wednesday. In the latest newsletter, the admin is trying to calm everyone, who thinks it's just an attempt to hide the truth, down. He assures everyone that he is not going to escape, otherwise, it makes no sense to pay large withdrawals, as he actually did before the trip. Let's wait till today and see how it works out.

AWTC is adding PexPay. "...Starting from Monday October 15, 2012 we are going to accept PexPay as one of our payment processors..."

Perfect Finance has issued the 1st newsletter. It's been working around 2 weeks and during that time the clients' database reached 3300 officially registered accounts and 2500 active members. As it's been claimed, the communication with people and variety of acquaintances results in good benefit for everyone and new good source of profit based on equity investment.
With the purpose of promoting transparency and communication, Perfect Finance provides 24/7 English live chat. Also there is a chance to talk to one of customer support staff from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM GMT. The number to call is +44 20 7097 8777!
Another feature added for investors' convenience is the investment calculator installed. The calculator includes your gained profit and the principal, invested initially. Also there have been removed any restrictions for opening multiple accounts from one PC by you and your relatives, using one IP address.
Another piece of good news refers to compounding option. It can be altered or removed at all at any time. To change the compounding rate, simply log into your account at Perfect Finance and proceed to the "Your Investment" page.

Nubcoyu has decided to issue the regular newsletters every Friday. So the previous Friday the first newsletter has been released. The main topic of the first newsletter is telling the members about the main sources of making profit of his investments.
To be sincere, after reading this first newsletter from Nubcoyu i feel a bit entertained. Not a single word about that Forex, not a word about some financial staff. According to the words of admin, these are the sources for his investments: Investment With Pirate DVD Shops and Investment With Street Food. I don't think it's all true, still it sounds new, so why not...
What makes the newsletter from Nubcoyu more strange is some words about the personal life of the admin. He is telling about being hospitalized after the recent car accident, which actually caused some payout delays. Strange approach, though it may bring its results, to be sincere.
Too soon to say, the project has only been listed for 33 days. And looking back at the profit paid daily (just 1.4% daily), we may assume, Nubcoyu goes for another long-term investment opportunity. So, time will show, let's wait and see!

The Money Galaxy has stopped accepting Payza after their account as well as the investors' accounts have been suspended. Please see the official news from The Money Galaxy below:

"Dear jack
According to Payzas unfair act of suspending The Money Galaxy and its investors accounts, we do not accept Payza payments anymore.
Since now, members with available Payza balance are able to withdraw their Payza funds using Egopay or SolidTrustPay. For this purpose, we have assigned low exchange fees:
Payza to Egopay > 4.2% fee
Payza to SolidTrustpay > 9.5% fee
Please note: Since today, Egopay ecurrency will be the alternative payment as the Payza replacement.

HYIPNews Events

One discount coupon for the ad services from HYIPNews.com. Please see the coupon description and the link for it below as well as in the mailing, sent to registered members of HYIPNews.com:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. TOP! Promoting Status + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $354.94. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $266.

Good News

Almal is the only Good News for today. The positive status has been resumed in the listing sites, where Almal is monitored. As for the rest programs, they remain either Problem or Closed.


As of Monday, October 15, The Payzas Customer Support call center is open until midnight, Monday to Friday! Please see the full news on this on the official blog of Payza: http://blog.payza.com/2012/10/13/were-extending-our-customer-support-hours-to-serve-you-better/

HYIP Blogs.

The problem of accounts cracking is very much actual in the world of HYIP. And hence, we should all pay attention to the question of personal security and funds safety. Payza blog has announced October as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. So this month the Payza blog will be featuring blogs that focus on keeping your online information protected. For more information visit http://www.staysafeonline.org/ncsam and keep checking the Payza blog for tips on keeping your important data secure.
The truth about about phishing and vishing is revealed in the article posted on the Payza blog. See the complete article following this link: http://blog.payza.com/2012/10/10/smishing-and-vishing-not-just-funny-sounding-words/
And now getting back originally to the problem of creating some uncrackable password... is it possible? How to lower the risks to have your accounts cracked and your personal info stolen. See the complete article, following the link below: http://blog.payza.com/2012/10/15/creating-an-uncrackable-password/

About the author

Charles Morris works as the Chief Editor of HYIPNews for 5 years. Before 2010 has been working as a freelance copywriter writing for online newspapers, blogs, magazines and online portals in the sphere of investment. Since 2010 has been accepted to the team of HYIPNews as a copywriter. Used to write exclusive materials for HYIPNews. Have shown great skills in managing day-to-day publications and since April 2011 has been appointed for the position of HYIPNews Chief Editor. Among the current duties the main ones is to oversee all of the authors' publication and ensure that each issue is released on time and in a professional manner. Apart from the position of Chief Editor, Charles Morris also takes the post of the Support Manager of HYIPNews.
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