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Each day you are trying to make your life better and without a doubt todays internet activity may help you to earn money without living your home. It...

Each day you are trying to make your life better and without a doubt todays internet activity may help you to earn money without living your home. It is obvious that you have to make your decisions by yourself but HYIPNews always ready to give you the advises and you may trust us, because over 7 years of our online activity we have gained the most precious thing in any kind of business - experience. Thanks to our experience, we have gathered the most interesting HYIP projects and enlight the whole life of high yield industry. And today we will discuss one of such projects MoneySwim (

If to take a look at the legend of the project, on the official site we could see that MoneySwim was started back in 2008 and keeps growing and evolving since then. Also, it is written that MoneySwim is an internationally recognized financial brand. Over 5000 investors around the globe trust this company. Mr. Tony Saedo has gathered MoneySwim trading team in 2008. Tony Saedo is a former NYSE employee, a proficient stock market trader from the U.S. It involves over 100 traders all around the globe into a unique trading network, sharing experience and trading techniques. MS is a regulated financial institution operating in full compliance with MiFID/FSA regulations and guidelines. The activities of financial institutions are a subject to Directive 2004/39/EC Article 47(2) TEC.

As we can see, due to the information on the official site, the whole life term of the MoneySwim company is 3 years. Anyway, the domain name was registered on 11/07/2008 and it is paid till 11/07/2012. If to compare with the previous information it becomes obvious that company started its website at the same year. Anyway, it was inactive during some time and now it is open for you, dear readers to cooperate!

Dont you think that it is a big plus to the company when legend is equal to the information on other sources? Anyway, it is better to show you the whole picture of the MoneySwim project. Believe me, before making any conclusions about anything or anyone you should know about it as much as possible. And the most important thing is investing plans.

Investment Plans. As each serious investment project MoneySwim has three carefully prepared investment plans. And you are free to chose how much you want to earn. The daily percent of payouts varies from 0.6% and up to 1.7%. Of course you may say that 0.6% is a quite small percent but you have not read the whole conditions of the Starter plan. That is 0.6% for the unlimited period, it means that you can withdraw your profit at anytime! This is the first investment plan of MoneySwim and it implies daily profit deposit and you can make a withdrawal anytime! It is obvious that you will not receive huge profit, but, on the other hand, you will be able to see how the Personal Area works, how deposits and withdrawals are handled in the company. The minimal deposit is $ 10, the rate is 0.6% daily and withdrawal is available anytime. Compound rate is fixed to 0%, which means reinvestment for this plane is not allowed. Nevertheless reinvestment is available in the second investment plan - Advanced. Yes, in this plan reinvestment is allowed and the daily percent of payouts is 1.3%. That is much higher than in the first plan. Of course you will need a little patience to wait for 240 trading days to withdraw your profit. Advanced plan has equal to the other plans feature - the maximal investment sum is unlimited. Also you should notice that this plan is suitable for the investors of middle-class. Withdrawal is available after the deposit maturity which is set to 240 days and the minimal deposit is $500. Of course if you think that the daily percent of payout is too small for such a long term, MoneySwim has Profit Master plan. This is the biggest investment plan. Without a doubt it was created for professional online investors. It allows to feel the true power of online investment. With its astonishing 1.7% daily interest and minimal deposit is $3000. In case you are a strong, responsible and wise person, willing to achieve the top in financial freedom and success “ ProfitMaster pan is for you.

Due the whole time of HYIPNews existence (starting from 2003) we have seen many online projects. Each of them were trying to make something interesting to have investors attention and this time we can see through the investment plans of MoneySwim that administration is really trying to make something interesting and what is even more important profitable for the investors. Please do not forget about the compounding option, that is available in this company. For example if you have a $1000 deposit, it brings you 7% profit every week. This is $ 70. You can either set your compound to 100%, and in this case the whole $70 will be automatically reinvested. Or you can set your compound rate to a lower than 100% value (say, 50%). In that case $35 of your $70 will be reinvested, while the other $35 can be withdrawn. I am sure that compounding option is a great feature in the eyes of investors.

Referral Program is one the most important things in life of each HYIP project. Administration of MoneySwim has not forget about this additional opportunity of money making. And each investor can earn. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to have an active program. You may just make a registration and use your referral link to earn money with MoneySwim project! Nevertheless, the affiliate program has three levels. For example you have from 1 to 3 ref. partners so it means that your affiliate percent will be 3.0%. It is obvious that each HYIP company wants to have as many investors as it is possible and I must admit that the more referral partners you will bring the higher percent from each investment you will have. For example, if you will bring from 4 to 10 investors with the help of your referral ink, your bonus will be 10.0%! And if the number of investors you bring will be higher than 11, then you will have 12%! Pretty not bad, ha?

Payment Options. We all have different preferences about the e-currencies we use. MoneySwim company has gathered three, the most popular of them. So, you can use LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Alertpay to invest your money in this project. Of course you may also use credit/debit card also. Anyway, we would recommend you to read instructions first: (but now the link is not relevant)

General Website Features. Without a doubt, website of the company is like a favourite child for the administration. Website is a face of the company and no matter who is taking care about this face he is worth being respected. MoneySwim has exactly the same situation. Its webpage is looking good and has many original features. Such as comfortable pages, useful information and there is no useless words on it. You are free to explore MoneySwim site and make sure about all my words!

Security Features.
From all possible benefits of the HYIP program, security is taking the first place. The reason is simple - it is about your money. Looks like MoneySwim project knows about it and really taking care about the security of its clients. Site is secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates are providing up to 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible.

Contact Methods.
It is very bad situation when you can not speak with the support team of HYIP project. Each of us needs to communicate with people to whom we are sending money. Thank God, MoneySwim has all possible contact methods. You may write a e-mail to: [email protected] (Customer support), [email protected] (Technical Support), [email protected] (Partner department) and to the [email protected] (Financial department). Plus if you wan to hear the voice of MoneySwim representative you may make a call to the: +5078321510 24 hours, Mon - Fri. In addition, I must say that there is a office address on the official site of MoneySwim company. Here it is: Agreata Building, East 56th Street, P. O. Box 0819-0936, W. T. C., Panama, Republic of Panama

Some of you may think that there is no possible way for him to earn money online but why to say if you can simply try it. Please admit that I am not telling you to invest, it is only up to you. All I want to say is that there are many ways of money earning online and HYIPNews is giving you such opportunities. While reading this short review, you should notice that we are en-lighting each detail in the program. Yes, each HYIP program has its bad and good sides but only with the help of HYIPNews you can become real professional or if you are already one of them than reading our site may give you the chance to become best of the best!

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