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After another good week today saw us reach a milestone of 1000 members, out of all these members 412 have made an Tony, the admin of the...

After another good week today saw us reach a milestone of 1000 members, out of all these members 412 have made an Tony, the admin of the PremierLeagueProfits, the HYIP, working online for less than a month has sent weekly newsletter to the members of the project. Before going into the particulars of the newsletter let's say a couple of words about the project. The main feature that stands PremierLeagueProfits from the rest of the mass is low profits earned and offered to its investors. PremierLeagueProfits offers 1% for 180 business days and 7% for 30 weeks. Not much though it makes the project potential longterm for earning passive income.


Now, concerning the latest newsletter, issued by Tony, the admin of the project. So, after the project has been online for nearly a month, it claimed to reach the milestone of 1000 members, who were definitely attracted by the uncommonly low interests earned. Nearly half of all the members have made investment.


The last week of the project work online has been marked by more active live chat functioning. As reported in the newsletter, the most common question asked by the people, who had a talk in the live chat was the question if PremierLeagueProfits allowed compounding or not. The answer to that question is No, there is no compounding option, however the profit can be reinvested from the wallet to the new investment plan that lasts for another 180 days.


And finally let me quote the final part of the newsletter by Tony that says about possible problems with cashing the funds out from members' accounts: "... Apart from the odd problem with a few members accounts regarding how to cash out things are running quite smoothly, a few members found it difficult to cash out directly so if anyone has that problem just transfer your earnings to your wallet and cashout from there but remember to use the same payment method to which you invested or it will cost you 10% for the exchange..."

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