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AirCargoXpress has published the newsletter, telling about the video presentation, made in high definition, that lasts three minutes

AirCargoXpress has published the newsletter, telling about the video presentation, made in high definition, that lasts three minutes and a half and contains useful and important information about the project and the investment opportunity offered by AirCargoXpress. The video presentation can be viewed here. Apart from the video presentation, the management of AirCargoXpress has also included some video reviews created by the official representatives of the project. These video reviews are available on the representative page. They are in Portuguese, cause the authors are representatives in Brazil. As claimed by the admin of AirCargoXpress, more video reviews are going to be published later. Among the future plans, the one, worth mentioning is also creating another video presentation of the affiliate program. The video is supposed to educate people on how to cooperate with the referrals to profit more. As promised the presentation should be ready within a few weeks.

In one of the previous newsletters, the admin of AirCargoXpresspromised to give anyone an opportunity to express one's thoughts and share the opinion concerning the performance of the project. So the admin fulfills the promise. Here below you may find 10 questions, offered for answering to all those interested in the project improving. The answers to the questions should be sent to [email protected]. See them below, please:

1) Are you satisfied with our support and/or how would you like us to improve it?
2) How would you like to be rewarded for being our loyal investors?
3) What would motivate you to invite your friends or family to our investment company?
4) How AirCargoXpress can motivate you to post your withdrawals and deposits on monitors and forums?
5) Do you have any suggestions for improvement of accessibility features?
6) Do you like our current plans and would you like any features added for you to enjoy our investment company more?
7) Are you taking advantage of our recently added representatives? Are they helpful and do you have any suggestions on improving this field?
8) Would you change anything in personal cabinet?
9) How satisfied are you with our affiliate program?
10) Do you have anything in your mind that you would change in our companys visual appearance?

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