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It's Tuesday today and after a week break caused by the problems with accessing the domain of HYIPNews.com we are glad to return on publishing and mailing the regular HYIP informational survey, sponsored by Stravia. The survey, as usually, includes hot information about the problem programs and closed HYIPs as well as the introduction of the new programs, both those added to HYIPNews listing and those newly appeared online. The HYIP informational survey gives basic coverage of the latest events of the HYIPs online and e-currencies updates. The final part of the survey will present you with the latest HYIP blog updates that actually occurred within the last week.


Top Choice



The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Split into two sub-sections, take a look below, please:


HyipNews Choice



The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:


1. Benson Union

Listed: 454 days Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily! Term: up to 170 business days!

2. Australian Business Group

Listed: 256 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!

3. Cbank

Listed: 294 days Profit: 7% daily for 30 calendar days or 300-900% after 30-90 days! Term: up to 90 calendar days!

4. Emperor Fund

Listed: 208 days Profit: 1-4% daily! Term: p to 365 calendar days!

5. Fxen

Listed: 176 days Profit: up to 2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!


Sticky Listing



And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 5 TOP sticky listed programs and those paid-promoted at HYIPNews.com. See the list of these programs below:


1. Allientus

Listed: 155 days Profit: 2-3% daily! Term: up to 75 calendar day!

2. Sol-R

Listed: 86 days Profit: 2.2-2.7% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days!

3. Strong Forex

Listed: 17 days Profit: 5% Hourly for 21 hours 130-1600% after 1-18 days! Term: up to 33 calendar days!

4. The Klides

Listed: 231 days Profit: flexible interest (min. 0.7%)! Term: up to 150 business days!

5. After90Days

Listed: 294 days Profit: 108% after 1 month! 2% weekly for lifetime! Term: up to 30 calendar days!


The Top Choice section this Tuesday differs only in the second part of the listing: Sticky Listing. The HYIPNews Choice remains the same, still those five programs, we had last time. The Sticky listing has changed significantly: The Klides, Strong Forex and After90Days have been added. Two others remain the same.





Let us continue the HYIP informational survey presenting you with the list of the new programs, appeared online within the week and some added to HYIPNews for the same period of time.


After100days 140-3400% after 1-35 days!
Digit Money 120-180% after 1-3 days!
New EVO Strategy 125-1150% after 1-15 days!
Agoforex 130-3000% after 1-30 days!
Luxa Time 1-1.7% daily up to 60 calendar days!
SecureAssets 2.2-2.8% daily up to 100 business days!
S&P Forex 2.5-3.5% daily up to 30-90 business days!
Volmr 2-5% daily up to 160 business days!


RaceInv Prime-Money MaxCoinvest ShineProfit SAfe-Inv GospelSupporter BmsUnion Prouch ExtraRoi EtileFund FastRich DayuGrup PAyProShares ProFx10 Profit-Ideology FastCashIncome MgsInvest DEservingProfits OilTrustFund IfCapitalGroup BigcapitalInvest TalkProfitDay RevNexForex ProfitParadise OilRiches MersedesProfit Maxi-Finance JustPaying Invest-Capital GranInvestProfit GoodMorningcash BPOilBank BlueEarn BenefitTechnology FinanceFlame AdProBusiness FinexBank FortuneRoute ForexFund ProfitsParadise SixHourlyProfit GOldensacs Earning-System BetWinn365 SuperIncomeOffer ProfitsForexs MegaInterests FxTradeGroupLtd EuroUSD ProfitForexFunds EccoFunds FxGoldPlan XFineProfit Rocks-Start InvEasyDollars CashBeenPaid Techpays oldWorld AutoBestProfit SolarInv SpeedCashCar HourlyLife GreatestInvest PayBuzz EarnWay TrendCash BestCash PremiumDollar SweetInv PlanForExtra MoneyBooster DarkProfitzzz YApBux ProFxFund FXInstantProfit HAllBAnkLtd DollarEarnPro AeGold Stox-Finance Dk-Invest AredMoney JustForexInvest WiseInvestorsUnion AmazingProfit InstaInvest WealthMakers BreezyBrisk LogUnion CatalystFund REchargeOnline GlobalSilo CapGrow 120ProfitDay LynorTeam SafeOnlineCash PaliMoon BefastRich Forex1Invest ComeFore PAssiveUnion SafetyGrowth OilRewards


The list of today's new opportunities very large, actually no wonder cause it shows the programs added within the entire week. Good luck with the new opportunities, dear investors! Please remember, not every new program is going to make you a fortune. Make your due diligence before investing. Wait for a while, not to be scammed during the first days of the program activity. And remember, the ones with the detailed section have been added to the HYIPNews listing, though that doesn't mean they will last for years... still the most risky are the programs from the second section of the Openings section. These are mostly ultra short term and quite often template-like HYIPs. Beware and try not to get scammed!





RedFireFunds - not paying
Life Trust Investment Ltd - not paying
Usd Raise - not paying
Free Trades Inc - not paying
Invest Legend - not paying
NBA Investment Company - not paying
Giga Inv - not paying
E Cash Flux - not paying
Faith Fule Cash - not paying
Fx Access - not paying
Dii Yield - not paying
Za Ra Fund - not paying
Gold Trend - not paying


Today we are back with a number of Problem programs, those which experience troubles with paying to their investors. And back as it used to be about a week ago, we have a program, which is about to be blacklisted, the one listed in the HYIPNews listing. RedFireFunds is now in trouble and not recommended for investing among the rest. As for the others, it's all the same here. All programs mentioned in the Problem section are risky for investing. Please, mind that when making your deposit or taking decision on adding this or that program to your investment portfolio. In any case, if you like any program and you have doubts (or even no doubts) you can anytime contact the HYIPNews support and learn the details and current status of the HYIP chosen. Due diligence is above all!





Forex Invest (22 days), True Finance (16 days), Gain Interest (15 days), Profit Flow (15 days), Fx Ready Master (46 days), Investifield (39 days), Puma Income (11 days), Next lvl (8 days), Ideal Forex 15 Days (22 days), AOA INV (24 days), SixDays Profit (26 days), Inv-Income (26 days), AVV Global Ltd (32 days), Tpmoneyh (50 days), Axiom Investing Group (65 days), Capital Profit12 (6 days), OilForexBank (12 days), True-Finance (16 days), FinancePower (17 days), OptiEarn (29 days), Neo Barter (15 days).





Financial Freedom admin delivered another weekly newsletter to his members. It is the second newsletter sent out from this HYIP. Unlike the first one, which was purely devoted to the program itself, the second one is talking more about the industry and HYIP gamblers typical mistakes. Going more into details, the admin is sharing his point of view concerning the right choice, when dealing with HYIPs, basically this is choosing long-term programs. All in all, taking away all the marketing tricks used by the admin of Financial Freedom, the main idea of the newsletter sounds absolutely good.

The website of DioMetal has been added to HYIPNews listing 13 days ago. It can be considered as the longterm HYIP project with average daily interests offered (1.2-3% daily). The project is accepting Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve and EgoPay for new deposits.
The latest newsletter from the management of DioMetal adds more encouragement for the new and existing investors. Particularly, the update is telling about some good trading results last week, which resulted in adding some bonus interests to the investment plans, offered by DioMetal.

Cbank has presented the short video presentation in Russian language.

Earning Alliance has been listed at HYIPNews for 18 days and claim to reach stunning results since the very launch of the program. The initial goal was to to have 500 registered members for the first week and $10k in new deposits. As it goes from the admin statement, this goal has been surpassed: there have been over 500 registered investors and $14k in new deposits. Good start for the project.

Strong Forex has introduced Live Chat Support and international phone support as part of the customer care center. Anyone willing is free to use any means possible for getting in touch with the Strong Forex support.

About one week ago, EmpireFinanceGroup disabled the deposit option, still keeping the funds withdrawal option active. Quite a strange decision for the HYIP, especially taking into account the withdrawals have been processed instantly to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney in all of the plans: 1.3% for 45 business days, 1.5% for 80 business days, 1.7% for 100 business days plans.
Getting back to strange things, it should be noted, for a HYIP constant money inflow is a requirement for successful operation. By disabling deposit feature the admin of EmpireFinanceGroup has tried to persuade everyone, the project is not a typical HYIP and that it differs from the mass. Besides, such a smart way of restricting customers from making new deposits was aimed at creating some sense of urgency in investors' minds and make the most of it at times when the deposit button is actually open, as it is now. For everyone, willing to make new deposit, please mind this option is open now. Anyone willing may join with as small amount as $50.

306BZ has reported that Solidtrustpay has changed the name of their account. Back on Saturday, the support service of 306BZ received some reports from the members saying that depositing funds to SolidTrustPay account has been impossible. The reason reported was invalid Solidtrustpay account username. After the attempt to recover the STP login information, it's been discovered that Solidtrustpay suddenly changed the username from 306 to 306a. Assuming that is because they dont allow a username, which contains only numeric any more. The account username has been updated accordingly and deposit is possible again.

MoneyInSports has issued the encouraging newsletter, where the admin is sorry for all those suffered after the latest issues on the HYIP arena. The admin claims not to be running away anywhere soon, giving its own program as the best low risk opportunity to deposit funds. This makes all feel relieved, to be sincere.
MoneyInSports claims to continue providing quick customer service and fast payouts, without ultra high returns. Perhaps, that's exaclty what everyone needs now.
There further goes marketing part of the newsletter saying about the advantages of being a member of MoneyInSports, such as daily returns with low stress, and consistent payments.


HYIPNews Events



Once again, we are sending the discount coupons for the services offered at HYIPnews Shop Online. Clicking the links to the coupons below, you have a chance to get the discounts on the ad services, provided by HYIPNews.com. One more time we publish the discount coupon for the Effective Launch Package and another coupon is for the banner advertising:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. Sticky Listing + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $354. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $266.

2. Ads in Survey + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 with 25% discount at $59.99

Good News



Today we are glad at least to have one program in the Good News section after a one-week break. So the program, which is now back to Paying status, is called Avron Trade. This HYIP is running for a bit less than a year. Within the entire period of time there were several times, when it's been mentioned as Problem and every time it managed to recover. The website of the program is very simple and frankly i have no idea how this one can stand for that long. Anyway, we see the stats, all leading monitors are showing Avron Trade as paying and we have nothing else but to mention it as the Good News today.





OKPAY has temporally suspended Bitcoin processing as reported due to: "...the exchange rate instability and current market situation." It's been reported that market situation is being monitored now. Once situation becomes more positive, Bitcoin processing will be resumed for sure. See the news here: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/bitcoin-processing-temporarily-suspended.html


HYIP Blogs.



Today we'll share some updates from the HYIP Pulse Blog. This time there are two interesting updates that have been posted within the last week. First update reveals some secrets of the HYIPs that claim to be taking PayPal as one of deposit methods. The title of the article says: "Stay Away from PayPal HYIPs". The reason for talking more on this topic is, as claimed by the author, some e-mail received with the question t makes an HYIP legit when it is accepting PayPal as a payment gateways. Obviously it is not, and first of all cause if it does it automatically breaks the Terms of Service, which particularly say: "...You may not use the PayPal service for activities that:
1. violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.
2. ()
3. relate to transactions that (a) show the personal information of third parties in violation of applicable law, (b) support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other get rich quick schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs..."
More details and explanations on that can be found in the article, following the link above.

Another interesting article posted on the HYIP Pulse Blog refers to the best HYIP Choice of the Spring 2013, as seen by the author of the blog. Apart from that, the author reveals some ideas on why the indstry is shaking now. What could be the cause of the recent wave of scams? What made the people worry much more on whether to invest or not? If you want to know the answers to these questions, as well as to learn about the best HYIP picks for the Spring 2013, please follow the link below: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/best-must-have-hyip-picks-for-spring-2013/

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Walter Anderson used to work as a creative freelance writer with three years experience in the industry working in print and online media. I used to search for exciting new projects and hence launched the monthly online newsletter, which has been supposed to increase any website traffic by 40%. Since 2010, Walter Anderson has been officially hired by HYIPNews.com media portal first for the position of the article and news writer writer and then starting from 2012, the vacant position for the chief writer at HYIPNews has been taken by Walter Anderson and is still taken by now.
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