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Within the last half of month after the Liberty Reserve shutdown, another popular ecurrency Perfect Money has been working hard to secure itself...

Within the last half of month after the Liberty Reserve shutdown, another popular e-currency Perfect Money has been working hard to secure itself against any possible attempts for the domain to be seized and the service shutdown. At the end of May there was a notification about changing the policy terms of Perfect Money. As the result of the policy terms change, all new sign-ups for the individuals and companies based in the US are restricted. This is only applied for all citizens of US living abroad. Obviously this is an attempt to limit US influence upon the business run by Perfect Money.

After that in the beginning of June another change was applied, a very serious one. As reported in the newsline of Perfect Money: "In an effort to improve the brand recognition of our payment processing system, we have decided to change our domain name to Perfectmoney.IS" I would say the real reason for the domain change is to decrease the chances of the domain to be seized. .COM domains are international and are much easier to affect, that is why the decision to change to PerfectMoney.IS was taken. The official reason is as follows: "This is important and will help you avoid visits to fake web pages that were created for malicious purposes". Besides the clients are strongly recommended not to use search engines for searching them. It is simply enough to type in Perfectmoney.IS in the address line of the browser to get redirected to the main website of the payment system.

There are also reports on adding the new rating system, which is supposed to be working in real-time mode for the purpose of preventing fraud. The update will include a brand new Peer-to-Peer rating system, developed for increasing the clients' awareness level when making transactions. The P2P rating and additional tracking tools will let getting extra information about the funds recipients within the system, minimizing the risk of being scammed.

In terms of anti-fraud campaign Perfect Money actively blocks all accounts, violating Terms of Service. The new tool will allow the clients to inform of any potential violations, in such a way contributing the effective work of Perfect Money anti-fraud department. As reported right now the staff of Perfect Money anti-fraud department is able to identify and block up to 95% of accounts, created by fraudsters before they are actually used for criminal purposes. Using the new tools and opportunities, Perfect Money seeks for improving the statistic data above and increase the financial transactions transparency.

The new rating system marks the completion of the corporate restructuring process of Perfect Money. In terms of this process the management of Perfect Money has taken the decision to merge with the Startup Research and Investments company, that has made million investment to the development of Perfect Money IT infrastructure and marketing system. Startup Research and Investments specialize in purchasing and further development of innovative business in the sphere of IT with high potential. The company has much of experience in management and technological "know-how", which would definitely contribute the business development. The support of the holding company gives required legal basis to perform business worldwide in a successful way. The merge will lead to faster development of Perfect Money e-currency, promoting the services on new markets. The management of Perfect Money is sure any improvement like that will contribute to more professional and stable performance of Perfect Money online.

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