Updated: 10/03/2013 10:15
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Update: The current status of the domain is INACTIVE . We are moving the prorgam to blacklist due to that sad information. Sorry for...

Update: The current status of the domain is INACTIVE. We are moving the prorgam to blacklist due to that sad information. Sorry for all investors who are in, and congratulations to all who are in profit.


The website of one of the leading HYIPs in the industry After90Days seems to be offline since yesterday. We don't have any official explanation from the owners of the HYIP, however it all looks not that optimistic at all.Some members claim to see the "Hacked" not on the website, others simply come across with the "Bad Gateway" issue. I see the "Server Not Found"!


No matter what, the site is offline and we all know possible outcome for the situation like that. No new deposits are possible to be made, which means lack of funds for all pending withdrawals, for the profit should be calculated no matter if the site is online or not.


We have naturally decreased the rating of After90Days in our listing and have assigned it with the Awaiting status. Let me remind you, this project has been listed at HYIPNews for 464 days, and this project has been the TOP 1 in the HYIPNewslistin g for quite a while. Obviously no new deposits are possible right now. Concerning all current investors, we'll have to wait and see if it's some technical issue, DDoS attack or something else, After90Days is going to recover from or it's another sudden sad collapse. The thing i personally don't think positive about is that lack of response from the admin. Most often this is a bad sign.

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