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As reported in the latest newsletter from Dublin Cryptory , some months ago the engineers of the Dublin Cryptorium Limited calculated, let me quote it...

As reported in the latest newsletter from Dublin Cryptory, some months ago the engineers of the Dublin Cryptorium Limited calculated, let me quote it: "...the generation of one Bitcoin uses as much energy as the daily amount of energy that is absorbed by ten acres of forest..." Naturally, while the project has been growing more and more Bitcoins have been mined and obviously the imaginary forest got larger and larger. Apart from that the amount of discharged heat has increased exponentially day by day. That caused a real problem for the engineers of Dublin Cryptory - lots of wasted energy which is produced when the servers run to generate Bitcoins.

The CEO of Dublin Cryptory Limited is know for her very much concern for the environment and preserving nature, which is why, such a state of affairs has been unacceptable for her. She has addressed to one of the leading engineers with the request to develop anything that may help with that problem. Don Stephens has ultimately designed the heat recuperation system, not to let the energy produced from Bitcoin mining get wasted.

The main idea of the new cooling system is very simple. Let me quote the final part, to explain it better: "...The average annual temperature in Dublin is slightly less than 10 degrees Celsius, while the optimum temperature for the data center and offices is 22 degrees. Don Stephens proposed heating the office space with the heat that was being emitted by the servers. This heat recuperation system mimics systems that have been used in other projects for European eco-homes. This energy recuperation model rejects the classic heating system. It also abandons the use of precision air conditioners, which are usually idle in this environment until the outside temperature is above 18 degrees..."

Despite the evident forces taken by the engineers to make up with that idea of the new cooling system, it still doesn't save the world and only compensates minimum part of the entire energy lost. Far more innovations are to be done to preserve all the energy wasted and make it work for the benefit of the company. Still it is the first step to recuperate the lost energy from the process of Bitcoin mining.

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