Updated: 01/30/2014 16:58
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Today we have received news updates from three HYIPs online, listed at HYIPNews. The news are delivered by the admins of FinMutual , Foreexta and...

Today we have received news updates from three HYIPs online, listed at HYIPNews. The news are delivered by the admins of FinMutual, Foreexta and BluOro. As i have told previously all these three HYIPs are listed at HYIPNews and can be considered as new HYIPs. Let us start with the first news update from FinMutual, telling about the issues with payment options, particularly SolidTrustPay. As reported, there have been lots of support requests lately asking about SolidTrustPay and if this payment option is still accepted at FinMutual. The answer was positive. SolidTrustPay is accepted along with other e-currencies: SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PexPay, and EgoPay. Please have a look at the newsletter from FinMutual below:

"FinMutual Processors
We have received a number of support tickets asking if we still accept SolidTrust Pay. There have been no changes to the processors we have used from day one. We accept SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PexPay, and EgoPay and continue to do so. We are in the midst of looking at an additional payment option and are working towards adding an additional payment processor in the near future.
Thank You. FinMutual".

An other newsletter has been sent to the support ticket system of HYIPNews by the admin of Foreexta, the program added to our listing three days ago. Unfortunately the start of this HYIP was not rather optimistic and as reported by the admin, the program and website of Foreexta is down because of DDoS. As reported some hackers keep ddosing the project with a severe attack. The admin of Foreexta claims their competitors are involved into this fraudulent activity. Please have a look at the newsletter from Foreexta admin below:

"Hello, we keep being down because of some hackers, he keeps ddossing us with a really havey attack (50gbps) gard to mitigate also with a strong protection, we belive might be somebody from staff or some other competitors.
Payouts might have a delay because we're down everyday now.
Please contact us on this alternative emai ([email protected])l because if we're under ddos attack we cant reply from our main mail".

The last newsletter delivered to HYIPNews by now is the recent update from BluOro admin. This HYIP was added only two days ago to HYIPNews listing and now the admin is happy to report on adding the compounding option. As reported the compounding rate can be now chosen when making a deposit to BluOro. See the newsletter below:

"Hello Members,
we have adjusted our investment plan compounding option, now you can deposit and choose 0% compounding for any investment plan and amount, thank you, let's me now if you need any further assistance. --------------------------- Best Regards, Roger Walker, BluOro Support department, ---------------------------- Blu Oro - Up & Beyond +44 20 3608 3540 1 Kemble Street; London"

As of now these are all events from the HYIPs online. Please keep in mind, once there are any news updates, we'll be pl;eased to deliver hot information from the HYIP industry to you. Watch the newsline at Stay tuned, dear readers!

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