Updated: 04/17/2014 06:45
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grand forex 82 days online
Another program listed at HYIPNewscom has celebrated its 82nd anniversary on Wednesday Grand Forex used to be sticky for a while and now it is taking the
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Another program listed at has celebrated its 82nd anniversary on Wednesday. Grand Forex, used to be sticky for a while and now it is taking the 6th place in our listing being only listed for 48 days. The result is amazing and its rating is growing steadily. Although the project is offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans only, it managed to enjoy wide popularity among the investors online.

The newsletter announcing the completion of 82 days online also includes the notification about the Representative System, which is obviously ready for the launch. From now on any representative from every country in the world is welcome to apply for the vacant position of the vacant positionIn case anyone is interested, it is recommended to send the e-mail request to: One should indicate the following information:

- Your Country
- Your Name
- Your Username in Grand Forex
- Your E-mail
- Your Language Spoken
- Your Skype/Yahoo
- Your phone number

The benefit from being a regional representative is still not large at all. Only 5% referral commission is added, moreover only 2% of that bonus is paid immediately after the referral makes a deposit, the rest 3% is paid upon the expiry of the investment plan. The terms are not that good at all, still we'll see whether the regional representative system from Grand Forex enjoys popularity among the investors online.

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