Updated: 05/12/2014 12:16
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oilrig contractors some news updates
OilRig Contractors keeps fighting against referral cheats, answers the most frequently asked questions, reports on achieving the important milestones and
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OilRig Contractors keeps fighting against referral cheats, answers the most frequently asked questions, reports on achieving the important milestones and creating one tutorial video.

OilRig Contractors has been listed at HYIPNews for 30 days. The project has informed its members about some of the recent changes that took place lately. The first update from OilRig Contractors stresses upon the efforts made by the management against referral cheats and multiple account holders. As it's been reported: "...We are bound by our terms and conditions and we will strictly impose and comply with them..." The newsletter contains information about some members who are involved in the process. See the newsletter quoted below: "...Quick Information: Usernames involved MANGO92 AND USB92 . Will post details later when I finish work. But just some hints, these are related to ImranAli, UsmanAli, AmratKumar1, HassanAli, ZeashanAsif and more accounts."

Another news update from OilRig Contractors contains some information, answer to be exact, to the question which is considered to be the most frequently asked by the members of the project. The question is about a missing referral bonus for the deposit made by the downline. The answer to this questions is given below: "...Our referral program works only for those with currently active deposits. If you have downlines who deposited while you do not have an active deposit, then you will not earn referral commission..." More details about this feature of the referral programs from OilRig Contractors is given in the news from the program's admin.

Two more updates are not that informative. They simply let every member know about some milestones reached by the project. First milestone achieved is $3,000,000 total deposited as claimed by the admin. The amount is hard to believe especially taking into account some days ago this amount was $2,000,000. As for the second milestone, claimed to be achieved by OilRig Contractors is the number of members registered, which is now more than 10K, more than a half of whom are active investors.

And finally there there is an update saying about the video created by an investor of OilRig Contractors. The video is aimed to teach new members how to deposit and withdraw funds. Obviously the video is created as a part of the project promotional program and possibly with the purpose to earn referral commissions from new members registered through the affiliate link of the video creator.

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