Updated: 06/12/2014 10:08
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grandfx 40 days online
GrandFX is 40 days online. Ways to contact the support and statistical information included in the latest newsletter from GrandFX.
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GrandFX is 40 days online. Ways to contact the support and statistical information included in the latest newsletter from GrandFX.

GrandFX has become a member of TOP Choice section, which is one of TOP 10 programs listed online after adding funds into promoting of the HYIP on The program has been added to Sticky list and hence it is currently on TOP of the entire list of HYIP programs on the hyip monitor. The latest newsletter delivered to the members of the project marks 40 days online of the GrandFX project.

The project has been growing fast enough and enjoys wide popularity among the potential investors and pays enough attention to the customer support. The support online is presented in three languages (English, Portuguese and Russian) for customers' convenience. There is also a phone number to contact the support of GrandFX. The newsletter below gives apart from the information about customer support, statistical information of the project performance within 40 days online. See the newsletter below for details:

"40 Days Online
Dear Investors,
We are pleased to say that our program is 40 days online.
Today we are prepared to improve our communication with you.
You can benefit from the support of online in three languages (English, Portuguese, Russian) and call your support number +442033184042. Our program offers the best an investment plans and you can be confident in our market liquidity Investment Programs. Its can be seen in our statistic. Total accounts:2245, Total deposited 228,842.95 , Total withdraw 103,011.86, and we believe that its will be growing day by day. We are very thankful for our clients to staying with us.
We are ready to show even greater revenue results that are at present. Many of our investors during our work has increased their capital several times. Stay with us and you will achieve your financial heights.
Best Regards, Thomas Jansen
GrandFX “ Profit with us"

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