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genialstockexchange latest and future updates
The informative update about the recent achievements and future plans for development of GenialStockExchange.
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The informative update about the recent achievements and future plans for development of GenialStockExchange.

Another informative newsletter has been sent by the admin of GenialStockExchange to its members. Once again let me tell that this HYIP is not listed at HYIPNews, however it's paying much attention to informing the members about its performance and development, and HYIPNews is pleased to deliver the latest news to you, dear readers.

Speaking about the GenialStockExchange HYIP, some recent updates have been summarized. As reported the project has managed to maximize its presence in the HYIP industry lately by all possible means, including but not limited to accepting a wide choice of payment methods. This is appreciated by many members and admin of GenialStockExchange thanks every members for the trust and support. There further go some general words about future plans of the project and intentions to stay here for long, making all possible to transform the GenialStockExchange HYIP into a stable income earning opportunity.

As one of the possible sources to get updated on the latest news and development of GenialStockExchange joining the Facebook group of the project is offered. Here is the link to the Facebook group of GenialStockExchange. Speaking about the latest achievements of the project the following should be mentioned:

- The service, which allows investors of GenialStockExchange to recover 50% of their loss with other scam HYIPs has been introduced lately. It is getting far more and more popular among the project members.
- The Skrill payment option has been integrated with GenialStockExchange. The service is free. No fees are taken for sending money to GenialStockExchange account via Skrill. Here is the project Skrill account:
- Some sort of promoting active partners program has been introduced. The services of a specialist aimed to help members generate passive income with GenialStockExchange are offered to the members.

There are also some words about the future plans of GenialStockExchange below:
- The concept of lending money to the members is now being designed and tested. The services may become rather popular among the potential investors' community, especially those, who are currently lack of money.
- Another payment option, which is now back in business, is planned to be added within a few days: Payza.
- Apart from that Payeer payment processor, which has been previously disabled will be reenabled for deposits and withdrawals within several days.

The admin asks for members support on forums and social networks, offering to create discussion groups and sharing one's investment experience with others. The admin of the project in his turn promises to add more new features and improvements soon, though the information about the new services is confidential so far.

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