Updated: 07/28/2014 19:48
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The latest news digest telling last news about the upgrade at SuccessRoadToWealth, the bonus deposit promo campaign launched by Laxo Trade on the occasion of completing 100 days online and finally some words about the performance of Expo Investment FZE and FAQs answered.

Some more latest news are announced here below in the latest news digest from HYIPNews. This time i would like to share some news from SuccessRoadToWealth and its future upgrade, tell you about the 100 days online celebrated by Laxo Trade as well as to share the second weekly newsletter from Expo Investment FZE.

Let us start with the update from SuccessRoadToWealth admin, who claims the project is getting stronger and better as days go by. The project is getting ready for the launch of new upgrade. At least it's been reported that the programmers of the project are currently working hard on this upgrade to launch it smoothly ASAP. The status of the upgrade will be reported on a regular basis. There is also a word about some suspicious HYIP monitor, which assigned the project with the AWAITING status as claimed for no reason at all. There is no reply from the admin of the hyip monitor and on that occasion the admin of SuccessRoadToWealth HYIP asks every HYIP, who feels like not cooperating with this project to remove the project button from the pages. As claimed by the admin, such sort of fake statuses affect the reputation greatly and in the aspect of constant work of the entire team to make the project better and bigger things like that are not acceptable.

Another update is delivered my the management of Laxo Trade. The project has celebrated 100 days online. Nowadays taking into account the specific character of the HYIP industry development it can be considered a long term enough. The admin thanks every member for the support and trust and on the occasion of completing 100 days online, a small promo bonus is offered to every new members, who decide to make deposits within two days. The 10% bonus is added manually to customers' accounts after the main deposit is approved. The bonus is available for withdrawal. Unfortunately today at the end of the day the promo bonus campaign will be over. The exact time of the end of promo bonus is Tuesday, 29, 00:00 am GMT.

The second weekly newsletter has been delivered by the team of Expo Investment FZE to mark the completion of the second week of the project work online. The main achievement, as claimed by the admin is complete absence of donwtimes within the entire period , when the project has been online. Another achievement reported is completion of the investment cycle of the Orange investment plan offering 3.5% Daily for 15 Calendar Days. this in its turn means all early investors into this plan are in profit now. The total return made by early investors at the Orange plan is 152.5%. The second part of the newsletter gives answers to the two most frequently asked questions asked by the potential and current customers of Expo Investment FZE. The first one is regarding the referral commission, which is 7% on level-1 and 3% on level-2. The second question gives answers on the bank wire fees charged by the project. We are happy to announce that no fees are taken by Expo Investment FZE.

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