Updated: 10/24/2014 10:25
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The HYIPNews website is going under the scheduled maintenance on Saturday, October 25. Learn more details in the news below.

The website of HYIPNews.com will going under the scheduled maintenance on Saturday, October 25. During 12 hours tomorrow the website will be out of access due to the servers security upgrade. We have initiated the upgrade earlier last week and in order to finalize everything and complete the upgrade we need to replace the disks and re-setup the system on the servers. The purpose of the upgrade is maximum security of the personal data and the website content. After the upgrade is complete, navigation around the website of HYIPNews will become faster and more secured. At the same time, any interaction between the customers and HYIPNews software will be held in the most secured way possible. We apologize for any possible inconveniences caused by the scheduled maintenance of the HYIPNews website, due to which access to the site will be impossible. One more time, let me announce, the maintenance and the downtime will not last longer than 12 hours. Please take your time and enjoy the secured and fast navigation on the HYIPNews portal after the successful upgrade.

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