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latest hyip news digest november 28 2014
Laxo Trade reminds that shortterm special plan paying 41% profit after 15 days will be open for three more days. On December 1 it expires, though...
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Laxo Trade reminds that shortterm special plan paying 41% profit after 15 days will be open for three more days. On December 1 it expires, though...

Laxo Trade reminds that short-term special plan paying 41% profit after 15 days will be open for three more days. On December 1 it expires, though anyone who manages to make deposits before the expiry date will keep on running with it. As for initially available daily and weekly investment plans they are working on the constant basis.

The Raisean HYIP has successfully celebrated 35 days online. So far the stats provided by the admin are rather positive. As claimed more than 6500 members joined, 12 language localizations have been introduced. As for payouts the amount paid as withdrawals is rather significant as well: more than $135K. The secret to the successful performance of the HYIP within the first month is wise marketing strategy based on introducing innovations without breaking the entire scheme.

The fifth official newsletter has been delivered by the admin of OneStability with the words of appraisal for the customers thanking each and every one for the trust and confidence when cooperating with the project. To somehow show the appreciation towards loyal customers bonus program has been introduced by OneStability team. Here are the terms of the bonus program for the active members who post proofs on forums and blogs:

1. Posts only on the main forums: TalkGold, MMG, DTM, MMGP are accepted
2. For each payment proof post, $0.25 is paid
3. You are only allowed to post real payment proofs which you receive from OneStability
4. You have to abide by all the rules of the forums
5. Each member is allowed to earn up to $50 in total from this bonus program
6. The minimum request for a bonus is $1, which equals 4 posts.

The bonus program remains open till the limit of bonus payouts is reached. Still it's been reported this program will be re-opened from time to time.

There are several highlights showing latest results achieved within nearly 60 days OneStability has been running online. The project is working on the new design right now, which is going to remind of Christmas. As for the results, the minimum for the Retail plan has been reduced from $50 to $10. The minimum length of the video to join the best video contest has been increased accordingly from 15 to 30 seconds.

Assured Assets is open for bankwire deposits. The project is a part of Top Choice section with the serious lifetime of 247 days. It is definitely one of the Top programs currently running online and it's about time to launch the bankwire deposit option to the members. Speaking about results of Assured Assets, they are stunning. More than 35K investors joined the project since its launch in 2013.

The number grows day by day and the services provided by the popular income opportunity are being optimised constantly. So, speaking of the wire transfers, the option has finally been introduced to the audience. All transfers are now processed smoothly with lower fees and faster processing time. All wire transfers are handled automatically. Within an hour after making a wire, the account is credited.

Bitship is 20 days online and growing. As the admin reports, more than 7950 members joined the project since the launch. The amount reported to be deposited is enormous: $2mln. and $768K withdrawn. Hardly this information is valid for such a new program. In any case if you have any question concerning the program's performance, you can use the Live Chat.

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