Updated: 08/10/2015 12:18
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4finance first newsletter
First newsletter from 4Finance about the latest update on stats, Payza business account approval, social network performance, investment plans reminder
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First newsletter from 4Finance about the latest update on stats, Payza business account approval, social network performance, investment plans reminder

Another HYIP has been added to HYIPNews listing lately. 4Finance, the newly launched HYIP welcomes everyone to read the first weekly newsletter. Let us share the main points and the recent news from 4Finance HYIP. First of all, it's been claimed the weekly newsletter is from now going to be delivered every Sunday.

At the beginning of every newsletter there goes short introduction of what is going to be discussed within. Today 4Finance is pleased to deliver the latest update on the project's statistics, Payza business approval procedure, review on MNO Published, notice on Facebook and Twitter social networks along with the reminder about the investment plans accruals.

Speaking about the latest stats of 4Finance, by Sunday, August 9 there were over 1600 members registered from various countries of the world. The total deposit amount since the start on Monday August 3 was more than $80K. $5K of this amount has already been paid as withdrawals. The project is trying hard to beat every record possible and become the leading HYIP online.

One of the steps towards the leadership was the approval of Payza business account of 4Finance, which means the project passed the verification procedure and proved to be an authentic and credible website. From now on Payza can be used as an alternative payment method for making deposits and completing withdrawals instantly. Please keep in mind there is a maximum limit for instant withdrawals for Payza - $500.

Speaking about the results, 4Finance achieved in social networks they seem to be pretty encouraging as well. Since the start of the program there have been over 1000 likes of the Facebook page, over 400 Twitter followers. The admin of the project is happy to see the loyal customers supporting the project in social networks which is perfect way to promoet the program and support it online. Here are the address of the Facebook page and Twitter account of 4Finance: https://www.facebook.com/4financebiz and https://twitter.com/4financebiz

At the end of the newsletter the admin reminds about the mechanism of the investments plans for the customers' attention. The investment plans pay interest (profit) only on business (working) days from Monday to Friday. Traditionally for HYIPs at weekends no profit is accrued, which means if the deposit is made on Saturday the first profit will be calculated next Monday. This reminder is important not to cause many questions on missing profit.

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