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Learn about the new expansion of Payza prepaid cards to new countries overview of OKPAY performance current milestones EU license acquired Okchanger
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Learn about the new expansion of Payza prepaid cards to new countries overview of OKPAY performance current milestones EU license acquired Okchanger report

Payza gladly reports its Prepaid Card can now be ordered by members in more countries than initially, when it was launched. The following countries have been added to have access to using the card from Payza: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain. More countries are yet planned to be added further on, wait for it.

The OKPAY team congratulates all members on Christmas and gives some short overview of the year 2015 and results achieved by the payment processor during this year. There have been lots of changes in the e-commerce itself, lots of new opportunities appeared in this aspect as OKPAY team has been working hard to provide the customers with most effective and convenient services possible.

Speaking of the changes and results made by OKPAY, first of all it needs to be mentioned about the complete update of the website structure, making the navigation better on mobile devices in all sections including shopping carts. The Order page is now easily setup under the target audience, making it possible to complete the payment in just two clicks.

The choice of available payment methods has been seriously broadened, both local and international ones. As of today OKPAY offers options to take payments via Visa and Mastercard for the online merchants. The clients are fully satisfied with the option to use the Visa QIWI Wallet e-currency, BTC-E codes, local mobile providers, telecom services as well as money transfer to Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay cards emitted in China.

The OKPAY specialists have significantly widened the financial services opportunities implementing the OKchanger - which is the online monitoring of e-currency rates, the service aimed to increase the options used for accounts funding and withdrawals. Using OKchanger now, one can use nearly any payment method, which exists online to convert your funds in OKPAY and vice versa at the most acceptable rate.

And finally the best news for now is as follows: OKPAY company has acquired the license, which allows OKPAY to work officially as the service provider in the EU countries. As claimed all current clients and partners will be the first ones to feel all the benefits of the new status of the company, as it gives an increased security level and financial transactions protection. More details will be provider at the start of the year 2016.

OKPAY thanks for the trust and constant support. The team of the provider wishes all customers and families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! More good news from OKPAY are yet to come in 2016!

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