Updated: 02/04/2016 14:28
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airspaceinv fourth newsletter
Fourth newsletter published by Airspace-Inv, learn about latest stats, Payza approval, requirements and benefits for regional representative program
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Fourth newsletter published by Airspace-Inv, learn about latest stats, Payza approval, requirements and benefits for regional representative program

We are happy to present our dear readers with another newsletter, the fourth one from Airspace-Inv, a member of Top Performers at HYIPNews. The project keeps on growing on the market day by day. By the time the newsletter was released there were over 3370 active investors registered in the project. The Facebook Group page of the project counts over 5539 members. Some days ago Airspace-Inv was approved by Payza support after completing the verification of the Company's Business Documents, which means investing through Payza payment processor has come more secured from now on.

The staff of the project is through with preparing the Representative Agent page on the website. In order to become one of Country Representatives in any of your respected countries there are procedures and measures which should be taken to join. They are as follows: 1. All Interested Investors are requested to pay a one time registration fee of $30 (this fee is to get the most serous Investors out of the crowd) 2. After sending the Fee for the Registration, you are also requested to send your Your full Name, passport photo, E-mall address, Phone Number, Residential address, Country to be Represented and Date of Birth.

Becoming the official representative of the project offers certain benefits to the applicants. First of all, every agent gets an instant 10% Referral commission for every Referral Active Investor in the project. Regular investors get 3% referral commission for comparison. Another advantage gives agents $150 Award bonus along side with the increased referral commissions for every deposit made by VIP investors you refer. This bonus can be referred anytime. Also once you become the regional representative you are subject to receive a Monthly bonus of $50 from Airspace-Inv.

All Interested Investors should please send their Registration fee payment via the Perfect Money, Payeer, or Bitcoin Address (Perfect Money Account: U10345808, Payeer Account: P27617079 or via our Bitcoin address: 14kLcNGiDB8epk4KXiNXHV7gia1tLCzajR ) After payment is done, send a screen shot of your payment to the corporate office e-mail: with the Subject Line PAYMENT FOR AGENT REPRESENTATIVE REGISTRATION FEE. Or you can deal directly with our Online live Customer Support.

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