Updated: 02/16/2016 16:08
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hyip information survey 471
The HYIP Information Survey 471 published by Walter Anderson on February 16, 2016 is given following the link. You can see the preview below
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The HYIP Information Survey 471 published by Walter Anderson on February 16, 2016 is given following the link. You can see the preview below

After a week of silence we are pleased to introduce the Hyip Information Survey #471 at your attention, dear readers. Today there are some significant changes in the Top Choice section. First of all, AtlantInv is Sticky listed. Zooo and Nano-11 exchanged positions in the Best Choice section.

There are still some changes in the Top Performers section of the survey. Two programs replaced Bitage, blacklisted and Orient Organization, moved to Problem: Forex King and Coince.

There have been no new programs added to HYIPNews listing within last week as the Openings section informs. Moreover there are not many new programs launched, among those selected by the robot.

It's been a tough week the HYIP programs. Lots of them got blacklisted as you can see from the Closures section. Among them there are five HYIPs listed at HYIPNews. OVA Trade, Primeforex, LoveJoy Vodka, Notuna finance and Bitage as i mentioned earlier. Orient Organization, has been assigned with Problem status.

Some latest Events are provided at the customers' attention in the corresponding section along with the notification on the upcoming scheduled maintenance of OKPAY website on February 18.

Taking a look at the Hyip Quotes section today we can see many changes. Poker Automatics and Albion Union, which were out of TOP positions in the section for a while are now back and take the first and second places respectively. Investfond and COMEX Brokerage which are currently one of the highest rated HYIPs among those listed at HYIPNews are taking the fourth and fifth places respectively.

The third place is now taken by the newcomer, Forex King. Three HYIPs: Albion Union, Investfond and COMEX Brokerage reached their all-time maximum. Follow the link to see more details in the Hyip Information Survey #471 below.

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Walter Anderson used to work as a creative freelance writer with three years experience in the industry working in print and online media. I used to search for exciting new projects and hence launched the monthly online newsletter, which has been supposed to increase any website traffic by 40%. Since 2010, Walter Anderson has been officially hired by HYIPNews.com media portal first for the position of the article and news writer writer and then starting from 2012, the vacant position for the chief writer at HYIPNews has been taken by Walter Anderson and is still taken by now.
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