Updated: 02/22/2016 15:27
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latest hyip news digest february 22 2016
Check the news about ArdexFunds launch of multi-level partnership program, trading reports from Albion Union and InvestFond, new plan launched at Ydmoney
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Check the news about ArdexFunds launch of multi-level partnership program, trading reports from Albion Union and InvestFond, new plan launched at Ydmoney

Dear customers, please check the latest news digest for the updates from the hyips online. First of all, the admin of ArdexFunds announces adding the four-level partnership program. According to its terms, everyone can now get a partnership percentage not just from people recruited, but also from people their partners have recruited, as well as their partners' partners, and so on, up to the forth level inclusively. This partnership program is available to all regional representatives, as well as investors with at least 10 active partners. The multi-level partnership program can be activated contacting the support service.

Two more HYIPs have provided the trading week reports. Albion Union, taking the TOP position at the HYIPNews listing shares the information about the trading performance this week, when the company traders reached the average profit factor of 17.23%. Another TOP listed HYIP, InvestFond claims the company is currently one of the most stable companies in the investment market worldwide. At the end of trading week the average profit factor was calculated, of 4.9%. The InvestFond team of top financial experts provides around the clock secure invetment opportunities with the top priority to ensure the security and safety of the clients' funds.

The admin of Ydmoney Inc thanks every member for the support. Paying instantly for 95 days, Ydmoney is a great investment opportunity to make profit online. The admin informs adding the new investment plan: 12% Hourly for 10 hours, which will be closed automatically when reaching 500 active deposits.

The admin of Investblock thanks for choosing the program for investing and claims it is now the most powerful investment program providing instant withdrawals with no daily limits. The program is offering 1 days plan with most profitable returns, which means the investment is not held for while and the profits are send daily from the members' original investment. As for the principal it can be withdrawn instantly every day. There is also a notice from the admin of Investblock saying from now on all multi user accounts will be blocked.

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