Updated: 06/29/2016 15:24
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ssarini introduced
Ssarini hyip introduced to public, 1000 members reached within 5 days, investment plans and alternative earning opportunities are explained
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Ssarini hyip introduced to public, 1000 members reached within 5 days, investment plans and alternative earning opportunities are explained

Another potentially long-term project with decent, though rather profitable investment plans has been launched recently. By the time the first newsletter from the admin of the project was published the number of new members registered to Ssarini was close to 1000. The result is amazing taking into account only five days since the launch of the hyip. The admin thanks all members for the trust from all over the globe. There are members from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Italy, China, Vietnam, Yemen, Portugal, USA and many other countries.

The good thing about Ssarini is that apart from investment options, you can enjoy other possibilities such as recording the video review of the project and posting on the website and social networks with the referral link included, also there is a chance to become the representative of the project and get placed in the Representative page on the website. To apply for the post one should simply fill the form with all the information required. And finally another way to show the gratitude towards the admin of the project is to share the testimonial on the Ssarini website.

Speaking in a detailed way about the Representative option you should take into account, instead of 7% and 3%, you will receive 10% -3% -1% affiliate bonus respectively. The most interesting features can be found in the Careers section of the website. There are four titles available: STARTER, HELPER, foreman, or SUPERVISOR. The more you earn on your deposits and get your referral bonus the more your scale of achievements grows and the sooner you get your new improved title.

After reaching a certain rank your affiliate bonus increases automatically and goes deeper (becomes multi-level with many levels available). Moreover, reaching a certain title you are awarded with the cash bonus of 25, 100, 350 and 1000 USD, credited to the accoutn balance and available for withdrawal after contacting the support. Nice offer and potentially a profitable hyip indeed!

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