Updated: 11/01/2016 13:44
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Zinc7 delivers news update covering most important topics requsted by customers online, account security, payment details, affiliate details,
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Zinc7 delivers news update covering most important topics requsted by customers online, account security, payment details, affiliate details, localizations

Zinc7 listed at HyipNews for nearly 40 days has released the newsletter covering some important topics after getting lots of feedback requests to deliver the most important information to most frequently asked questions. The first question customers are interested in is the importance of setting up proper payment details. Indeed, it is highly important to indicate all the information properly when registering for the account at Zinc7. Here are some tips on how payment accounts should look like for various payment processors: Payza (Email), PM (U1234567), Payeer (P1234566), AdvCash (U12345323454444) & Bitcoin (1srASJhshH32434hJSUSjj2aw30012).

Speaking about the support requests, it need to be taken into consideration every support request will take 24-48 business hours to be replied back, and one should not spam his request or be worried before the given timeframe mentioned. Once you contacted the support team of Zinc7, your question will be answered as soon as possible. Also it is highly recommended to visit the FAQ page https://zinc7.cc/faq, where all the frequently asked question being fully covered.

The customers are also worried about the security and safety of Zinc7 account. In that aspect one should realize the PIN you are entering during the process of signing up for the account is very important. Don't forget that! This information may take too many efforts to be restored in case of a loss. The only way to restore this PIN is to follow long process of your ID verification and complete account history lookup.

Please make sure to use a direct affiliate link of your upline partner (U.P). Your U.P. nickname will be set automatically and can be seen during the registration process. Your U.P. cannot be changed although it is possible to set by request made to the customer support team. All payouts can take from 24 hours to up to 48 business hours, though most often are processed sooner, anyway one should not raise any alarm in the timeframe.

Finally the admin shares news on website localization due to a number of requests from investors worldwide asking to provide the customers with extra localizations. So the admin gladly announces soon adding the package of 5 new natively translated Zinc7 website language versions.

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