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payza stp deposit options
earn about the new ways to fund accounts in Payza using Paysafecard as well as the new deposit option at SolidTrustPay, MegaTransfer, see the manuals
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earn about the new ways to fund accounts in Payza using Paysafecard as well as the new deposit option at SolidTrustPay, MegaTransfer, see the manuals

Both Payza and SolidTrustPay announced new ways to fund their accounts. The announcements have been made nearly the same day and posted in the official blogs of the payment processors. Let's try to overview the new features and tell you more about the ways to deposit funds to Payza and SolidTrustPay accounts.

So following the announcement of the Add Funds by Boleto feature in February, and the Add Funds by Oxxo feature, which came out earlier in April Payza now announced the Add Funds by Paysafecard option, which carries a 10% fee and transactions processed instantly. Funding your Payza e-wallet using the Add Funds by Paysafecard is easy and the transaction is processed instantly, meaning that money is available to send or spend as soon as you complete the transaction.

You should follow these easy steps to fund your Payza account with Paysafecard:

1. In your Payza Account, click Add Funds in the top menu.
2. Select "Paysafecard".
3. Enter the currency to use and the amount to deposit, then click "Next".
4. Enter your Payza Transaction PIN then click "Go to paysafecard" to be taken to the Paysafecard gateway.
5. Follow the instructions from Paysafecard to complete your transaction.

Once there's a confirmation the funds have been transferred, they will be credited to your Payza balance and will be ready to use immediately.

SolidTrustPay in its turn announced the start of partnership with MegaTransfer to provide a new deposit method with an incredibly low fee! You can now deposit up to $10K for a flat rate of $20 via MegaTransfer. This option is assumed to be helpful to merchants and business account holders who run their companies through their STPay accounts, as well as for the web-based professionals using their accounts to invest and earn online, and for everyday users who just want to fund their STPay wallet to go shopping!

Please mind, deposit via MegaTransfer is not available to users inside the USA, Iran or North Korea. There are also some other restrictions put on account when making a new deposit via the MegaTransfer. The limit to active accounts is $1000. Funds Deposit to Card verified account should be not more than $2500. As for the Standard and Bank verified accounts the limits set for making a deposit are $5K and $10K accordingly as one-time payment. The official SolidTrustPay Blog posted some short manual telling in details how to go about making a MegaTransfer Bank Wire deposit, with graphics to help. Please visit the blog for details.

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