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Happy Easter holidays from ETHMine, some latest stats from Bit Planex and World Mining Company, Google authentication being implemented at OXBTC
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Happy Easter holidays from ETHMine, some latest stats from Bit Planex and World Mining Company, Google authentication being implemented at OXBTC

The latest news from the hyips online are presented at the attention of HyipNews readers. The staff of World Mining has prepared some analysis on the information on the crypto market. As the indicators show bitcoin has not reached the bottom so far, it has reached 30 RSI on a daily basis. The probability of a fall to $6000 is 83%. At the moment, bulls are trying to protect and maintain the current level, but there is not enough positive news, much activity from participants and trust from start-ups. Analysts of World Mining, analyzing the situation, say that the market will turn in the mid-term perspective. Now there is only one way out for crypto investors: not just to keep their assets, but to increase the volume of hashes and expect a reversal.

In order to protect customers' account security and provide better user experience, OXBTC will enable login security verification by default. If you haven't set up SMS verification or Google authentication, all members are recommended to set up and enable login security verification as soon as possible. OXBTC has been providing reliable cloud mining services for global customers for 3 years! And the team of the project claims it will continue to deliver even better cloud mining products in the future.

The Bit Planex project has been operating for over 30 days and has received a lot of trust from investors around the world. The admin is sure in the future it will be a big investment company in the United Kingdom. He also provides latest stats on the work of the project. Here they are as follows:

*Days Work: 32
*Total Investors: 3142
*Total Deposited: $541187.82
*Total Withdraw: $352729.84
*Visitors Online: 311

There is also a notification on expanding the company and Cloud Bitcoin Mining project to countries like United States, Australia and Malta beginning from May 2018 to end of year.

ETHMine sends warm congratulations for all members and best wishes on Easter Day. The admin claims ETHMine team values every member and is extremely grateful for the incredible support shown towards the project from its investors. It is very much recommended to keep spreading the word about ETHMine sharing profitable Ethereum mining experience with as many people as possible around the world.

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